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November 14, 2010, New York Times, In Hunt for Nazis, an Incomplete History, by Eric Lichtblau, Tyson

Evans and Elisabeth Goodridge,

1. American Aid for Nazi Collaborators

The full report details how the United States became a “safe haven” for some Nazis, with some American officials actively working to help persecutors gain entry to the United States and conceal their identities and crimes. But the redacted version prepared by the Justice Department omits many of the central elements of these cases.

The redacted report omits the debate within the CIA in 1953 over what Otto von Bolschwing, a Nazi associate of Adolph Eichmann who became a CIA asset, should tell immigration officials or others in the United States if confronted about his Nazi past. It also deletes references to what American officials knew about his atrocities, including the assertion from a Justice Department officials that he might “be guilty of acts more heinous than anyone else currently under investigation.”

Soobzokov. In May 1977, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York opened a criminal investigation to determine whether Soobzokov had lied to INS in his sworn interviewed, whether he was in fact involved in a bribery scheme with Social Security, and whether INS or the Social Security Administration had improperly th\varted an investigation. 16 The State Department, at the request of the USAO, prevailed upon the Soviets to get statements from Soviet citizens who might have served with Soobzokov or known of his wartime activities. The Soviets forwarded a group of statements (taken between 1944 and 1978). Some of those questioned claimed to have seen Soobzokov murder Soviet officials on behalf of the SS, others to have only heard about such crimes; one said Soobzokov had admitted the murders to him. 17 To counter these claims, Soobzokov submitted his own set of affidavits from persons who had kkown him during the war, including some of the refugees he allegedly had helped. IS The SLU was established a month after the U.S. Attorney's office opened its criminal investigation. In 1979, the U.S. Attorney's Office closed its investigation and INS' civil investigation passed from the SLU to the newly-formed OSL At just about this time, a pipe bomb was left in a cigar box outside Soobzokov's home. A note attached to the device read "Buddy. You didn't kill enough of them. Have a smoke on me. Fedorenko."19 A caller to the Associated Press warned that this was the first of many to be sent "to Nazi war criminals across the United States.,,20 OSI reviewed the material gathered by the Social Security Administration, the U.S. Attorneys Office and the SLU. 21 These included the SS roster, a criminal record from the U.S.S.R., and the Soviet statements. OSI also obtained a 1978 deposition Soobzokov had given in the libel action against Blum. According to that deposition, Soobzokov had told the U.S. Vice 345

Consul in Amman about his SS membership and submitted a written statement about the matter. Soobzokov claimed the matter had been fully investigated before his visa was granted. Since Soobzokov's INS record made no mention of a statement to the U.S. Vice Consul, OSI asked the State Department to search its files for the document. State found no reference to it. 22 OS1 also contacted the CIA and learned that Soobzokov had told the agency about his SS service at some point after he emigrated and before he became a citizen. 23 Although the statements by Soviet witnesses tied Soobzokov to possible persecutory actions, OSI personnel had not met the declarants. Moreover, "most of the better circumstantial witnesses" were dead. Without testing the testimony of the remaining witnesses "according to U.S. standards of due process and admissibility," OS1 was unwilling to base its case on their cIaims. 24 However, the ne\vly-established office wanted to file some cases quickly.25 The Soobzokov case was particularly pressing since he was the only subject in Blum's best-selling book against whom charges had not yet been filed. 26 Rather than charging him with involvement in persecution, the government focused on his failure to disclose his full military and criminal history to the State Department at the time of his visa application, and to the INS when he sought citizenship. OS1 filed charges in December 1979, alleging illegal procurement of citizenship (in that he had never been "'la\vfully admitted" because he had concealed pertinent information which \vould likely have barred his entry) and misrepresentations in his citizenship appl ication. The complaint also charged that Soobzokov lacked the good moral character necessary for citizenship; the lack of good moral character \vas based on his nlisrepresentations. The media, in reporting on the case, stated that Soobokov had "worked as a U.S. intelligence agent in Jordan in the 1950s, and may have been granted asylum secretly.,·27 346
Three months after the complaint was filed, Soobzokov submitted to OSI a copy of a 1952 docunlent (State Department Personal Data Form V-30) on which he had listed all the information that the cOInplaint alleged had been concealed. Soobzokov said he had given the fonn to the Consul in Amman at the time he applied for a visa. Although OSI had not seen this document in State Department or CIA files before the case was filed, it asked both agencies to search their files anew for any reference or copy of the form. The State Department found nothing, though it noted that some of its records from that era had been routinely destroyed. 28 The CIA, however, produced copies of the Form V-30 as well as two other relevant documents. All were State Department records, though none were in the State Department's own files. OSI had examined the CIA records before filing suit, yet found no copy of this material. The CIA told Director Ryan that the problem stemmed from application of the "third agency rule." Under that doctrine, one agency may not reveal documents classified by another. The CIA asserted that when it made its file available to OSI for review, it had removed the fonn V-30 and substituted a manila envelope captioned "State Department" and marked with the date of the document. This was done so that the reviewing OSI attorney would know to contact DOS and seek disclosure from that agency of the missing information. The OSI attorney who had reviewed the CIA files denied seeing any such envelope. 29 Whatever happened during the file review, the documents were now part of the case, and OSI had to determine their authenticity and impact. The office contacted persons who had been in Amman at the time the newly discovered documents \vere apparently prepared. Though none could remember the specific case, they did attest that the documents were of the type in use at the time. JO OSI also asked the FBI to examine the typeface on the documents; they learned that it 347


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A section on Arthur Rudolph, a German scientist who ran slave labor camp at Mettelwerk and went on to become an honored NASA scientist, omits numerous references to what Rudolph was alleged to have done in Germany, such as “forcing slave laborers to watch hangings.”

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A section on Tscherim Soobzokov, a Waffen SS member who worked with the C.I.A. in the 1960s after moving to New Jersey, deletes numerous references to the C.I.A.’s knowledge of his wartime activities and the Justice Department’s legal problems in bringing a case against him as a result.

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Soobzokov. In May 1977, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York opened a criminal investigation to determine whether Soobzokov had lied to INS in his sworn intervie\v, \vhether he was in fact involved in a bribery scheme with Social Security, and whether INS or the Social Security Administration had improperly th\varted an investigation. 16 The State Department, at the request of the USAO, prevailed upon the Soviets to get statements from Soviet citizens who might have served with Soobzokov or known of his wartime activities. The Soviets forwarded a group of statements (taken between 1944 and 1978). Some of those questioned claimed to have seen Soobzokov murder Soviet officials on behalf of the SS, others to have only heard about such crimes; one said Soobzokov had admitted the murders to him. 17 To counter these claims, Soobzokov submitted his own set of affidavits from persons who had krlown him during the war, including some of the refugees he allegedly had helped. IS The SLU was established a month after the U.S. Attorney's office opened its criminal investigation. In 1979, the U.S. Attorney's Office closed its investigation and INS' civil investigation passed from the SLU to the newly-formed OSL At just about this time, a pipe bomb was left in a cigar box outside Soobzokov's home. A note attached to the device read "Buddy. You didn't kill enough of them. Have a smoke on me. Fedorenko."19 A caller to the Associated Press warned that this was the first of many to be sent "to Nazi war criminals across the United States.,,20 OSI reviewed the material gathered by the Social Security Administration, the U.S. Attorneys Office and the SLU. 21 These included the SS roster, a criminal record from the U.S.S.R., and the Soviet statements. OSI also obtained a 1978 deposition Soobzokov had given in the libel action against Blum. According to that deposition, Soobzokov had told the U.S. Vice


2. ‘A Dead End’

In discussing the 1977 prosecution of Feodor Fedorenko, a Ukranian-born accused of being a guard at Treblinka before moving to the United States, the redacted report deletes extensive discussions about the legal problems the case faced in going to the Supreme Court, including a prosecutor’s acknowledgement that “we are at a dead end in this case.”

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p. 64that even if the law did not warrant denial of the government's claim, it would have ruled for the defense on equitable grounds. To reach this conclusion, the court focused on Fedorenko's exemplary behavior in the United States rather than his conduct during the war. The Solicitor General of the United States determines whether to appeal a government loss. He does so after reviewing recommendations from various DOJ components and the relevant agency or agencies involved, plus an overview from one of the lawyers in his office. In this case, the U.S. Attorney from the Southern District of Florida, the Criminal Division and INS all recommended appeal. Martin Mendelsohn, head of the SLU, wrote that: ''There were no neutrals at a death camp; the choice was killer or victim;'" he put Fedorenko squarely in the first . category. The Israelis, not normally participants in this decision-making process, weighed in with Congress. They feared that the wholesale rejection of eyewitness testimony would make survivors reluctant to testify in future cases. They were also horrified that the district court would even suggest that kapos had aided persecution. 8 The case was assigned to Allan Ryan, then working in the Solicitor General's office.. As he saw it, the crux of the complaint was that Fedorenko had committed war crimes. Yet there was no documentary evidence on the point and the district court opinion was "so heavily relian[t] on observation of demeanor that no court of appeals will reverse.'>9 As for the misrepresentations (concerning his birthplace, wartime whereabouts and German army service), Ryan feared that none were "material" as the Supreme Court defined the term. I thus think we are at a dead end in this case. To be sure, there is a very limited category of cases where appeal, even if foredoomed, must be taken to show the flag - to demonstrate the government's indignation at the judgment below and its determination to reverse, even when the chances of reversal are almost nil. Ifwe had extrajudicial evidence that Fedorenko was in fact a war


3. Regrets to an Accused Nazi

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The court granted the motion to dismiss and acknowledged the enormous emotional toll on all the participants. This case demonstrates the human fallibility of the trial process, and the continuing need for a careful and vigilant system of review of trial court decisions. But for the painstaking review given this case by the Court of Appeals, the defendant would have been stripped of his United States citizenship. In addition, the case is a manifestation of a worthy and courageous government and its servants who are able and willing to investigate evidence favorable to an accused, and to reexamine and withdraw charges made against an accused which are unsupported by the evidence. 

In granting the Government's motion, we do not forget the abominable atrocities inflicted at the hands of the Nazis on those and the families of those who testified against the defendant. But those outrages cannot be undone and certainly not by an unjust conviction of the defendant. Indeed, we are confident that those who survived the atrocities and seek vindication in memory of those who did not would not want their honor stained by a conviction which could not withstand careful, dispassionate scrutiny.31 Reaction carne from all quarters. Walter RockIer, back in private practice, wrote to Ryan expressing some concern about the government's statement to the court. I think it is a good statement and agree that the Office had no real choice except to abandon the prosecution.... [I]t is likely that the case involves mistaken identification but it is not certain. I would not, however, under any circumstances, have expressed regret to Walus. In good part, he brought the case on himself by telling cronies that he had actively participated in persecuting Jews and in making other anti-Semitic remarks. In my view, the circumstances call for no apology from the Government.38 Ryan explained the "story behind" the statement. Torn Sullivan, the United States Attorney, felt very strongly that we should make an outright apology to Walus. I flatly refused, and Mark Richard backed me up. Sullivan said that if the Department of Justice did not tender an apology, that he would issue his own statement, of apology. Such a statement obviously would have boomeranged against us and put us in the position of answering


4. Allegations of Misconduct

In a section on the Justice Department’s most highly publicized failure, the case against Ohio autoworker John Demjanjuk, the department deleted extensive passages regarding misconduct allegations that an appellate judge raised against prosecutors in 1994 in failing to turn over material to the defense. A department ethics investigation later rejected the allegations.

5. No ‘Mere Functionary?

A section on a 1986 investigation into Kurt Waldheim, who became president of Austria that year, omits sharp internal disagreement over the probe’s diplomatic implications. It also deletes extensive evidence produced by O.S.I.’s director at the time, Neal Sher, as well as the World Jewish Congress (W.J.C.) about Waldheim’s wartime activities, including violence by his unit.

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Kurt Waldheim - A Prominent International Figure

Austrian President Kurt Waldheim is the only head of state ever placed on the Watchlist. The decision to place him there was made by the Attorney General of the United States after consultation with the State Department and review of a report prepared by OSI. The listing put OSI at odds, in varying degrees, with Waldheim, the Austrian government and Simon Wiesenthal. Waldheim's wartime activity was first brought to the government's attention by the WJC. 

In January 1986 Eli Rosenbaum - who had been an OSI attorney and would later return to OSI was serving as General Counsel to the WJC. The WJC had received a tip that Waldheim had served as a senior intelligence officer with the Gennan army in the Balkans from 1942 to 1945. 

Rosenbaum began to investigate. At the time, Waldheim was a candidate in the upcoming Austrian presidential election. He had already served two terms (1972 - 1982) as Secretary General of the U.N. His recently published autobiography, like all official statements about him, stated that he had been wounded on the Russian front in 1941 and had spent the remaining war years as a law student in Vienna. I Rosenbaum began to learn otherwise. He found documents showing that Waldheim had served in a unit that had taken civilian hostages, burned homes, and shot male prisoners. The WJC gave its preliminary findings to The New York Times. 2 

After doing some of its own investigation, the newspaper reported that Waldheim had served with a Gemlan Army command that fought "brutal campaigns against Yugoslav partisans and engaged in mass deportations of Greek Jews'" His commanding officer had been executed for war crimes. 3 

Faced with documentation establishing his wartime posting, Waldheim conceded that he 


6. Reagan and the ‘Belarus Conspiracy’

The Justice Department deleted a passage on a memo that an O.S.I. lawyer sent in October 1980, on the eve of the presidential election, informing the attorney general that Ronald Reagan had been indirectly tied to an investigation into a supposed conspiracy to bring Nazis from Belarus to the United States. The author of the memo, Allan Ryan, said he informed the attorney general of the theory being pursued by one of his lawyers, John Loftus, because he did not want to be accused of trying to “save Reagan a month before the election.” The conspiracy theory, and Reagan’s purported connection to it, were later debunked following several investigations.

7. Swiss Purchase of Nazi Gold

In 1997, as an international body known as the TGC (the Tripartite Gold Commission) was preparing to redistribute gold looted by the Nazis, an intense internal dispute erupted between the State Department’s Stuart Eizenstat and the Justice Department’s Eli Rosenbaum over how culpable the Swiss should be held for buying Nazi gold during the war. The Justice Department report deletes extensive references to this internal debate, including the Justice Department’s belief that there was “definitive proof” that the Swiss had accepted Nazi gold and that the Truman Administration, in “dissembling to Congress,” had vastly underestimated the size of the gold purchases years earlier.


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8. A Dispute with Germany

Beginning in the mid-1980s, Germany began complaining to American officials that the United States was improperly sending German-Americans suspected of war crimes back to Germany to avoid prosecution. The Justice Department deletes several sections about the internal dispute over the issue, including the fact that the U.S. State Department sided with Germany.

9. ‘An Unmitigated Disaster’

In early 2000, Justice Department officials met with Latvian officials in the country’s capital of Riga in the hopes of persuading the Latvians to cooperate more aggressively in pursuing suspected Nazis from the region. The Justice Department report deletes references to the meetings as “a hideous failure” and “an unmitigated disaster.”

10. A Critic in Congress

Former Rep. James Traficant of Ohio became a fierce critic of a number of the Justice Department’s Nazi-hunting investigations. The Justice Department deleted several references to Mr. Traficant, his specific criticisms, and the fact that he was convicted of bribery in 2002.
resolution in the Michigan Senate condemning OSI for working with the Soviet authorities, although the Senate adjourned without voting on the measure. Neither the YFW nor the 'Michigan legislature ever referenced OSI before or since. Congressman James Traficant was also often critical of OSI. 56 He accused the office of using evidence doctored by the Eastern bloc in both the Denljanjuk and Artukovic prosecutions 57 and of inappropriately intimidating Rudolph into leaving the country.58 While the vast majority of OS!' s detractors are well motivated, it is impossible to ignore the fact that a small percentage of the criticism is redolent of anti-Semitism and Holocaust revisionist history. Some critics questioned whether there had ever been gassings in concentration camps;59 some saw Jews as persecutors, rather than victims, blaming them for tyranny and atrocities committed in the name of Communism. 60 Patrick Buchanan - whose criticisms often focused on substance, procedure and political philosophy 61 - doubted the value of survivor testimony. He referred to it as "Holocaust Survivor Syndrome" replete with "group fantasies of martyrdom and heroics. ,,62 Karl Linnas' daughters, appealing to the Estonian community for funds, implied that the '''injustice'' done to their father had been brought about by Je\vish judges, and opined that judges and prosecutors of Je\vish origin should be required to disqualify themselves from these cases. As they saw it, '''These trials are a part of the overall effort to use the holocaust as propaganda in order to gain further political and financial support for the state of Israel:,63 A board member of the Captive Nations Committee suggested that OSI personnel showed greater loyalty to Israel than to the United States. 64 The criticism \vas greatest during the Cold \Var years~ when the emigre groups \vere most active and when Buchanan, the 11105t prornincnt single critic. had a highly visible platform as a 543

The U.S. State Department is still sitting on tons of Nazi records of millions of Germans stored behind barbed wire in an unmarked archive in a West Berlin suburb.

"There's nothing classified

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RUSS ARREST PAIR ON TOUR SOVIET AREA, Captain And Lieutenant Were Harold Cobin 01 Newark. N.J. and Lieut. George Wyatt of Oklahoma City, told the story disappearance to a press conference 12 hours after their release.

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Columbia, S.C., Nov. 5 — (AP) — Police Chief Lynwood L. Shull of Batesburg was found innocent by a federal court jury tonight of charges of violating, by beating him blind, the civil rights of Isaac Woodard Jr., Negro war veteran from New York City.

Woodard testified that Shull beat him until he was blinded in arresting him last Feb. 12.

At today's trial Shull denied the charges and said he struck the negro only once, in self defense, as they struggled for possession of his blackjack.

The white male jury deliberated less than half an hour.

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Embezzlement Search Leads D.A. to Lagoon,

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The author is indebted to General Lucius D. Clay and Professor Oron J. Hale who read ... In October 1939, the Judge Advocate General, Maj. Gen. Allen W. Gullion ..... The Army doctrine that made the theater commander the military governor at ...... Hilldring asked the US Deputy G-5, General Holmes, to get the 24 August ...

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March 9, 1962, Chicago Tribune, 227 GIs Taken By Reds Since '54, Probe Told; 29 Still Missing; 7 Reported Dead. by Willard Edwards,
The Senate armed services subcommittee asked more than two months ago for ... or irregular communist agencies" since 1954, after the end of the war in Korea. ... training in the evils of communism and the benefits of American citizen- ship. When a demandwas made today of Carlisle P. Runge, as- s
aistant secretary of ...

June 2, 1950, Chicago Tribune, Seek Full Scale Probe In Amerasia Spy Case, by Willard Edward
opened the debate with a demand that the ekerasia case "be brought into the open to ... of inveastigation and office of strategic services agents founders, 1,700 secret and ... The justice department made an out-of-court deal in the case which was con- and ... Smith started her speech by declaring that lack of leader- ship both in ...
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Acheson said the President also has authorized the agencies to co- operate with congressional com- ... 2. A demand by Sen. Bridges [R., N. H.], Sen. George ED., Ga.], and others that any investigation of ... Probe of Red Aids Asked. 3. ... A fourth of the senate member- ship is represented on the two committees sitting jointly.

February 22, 1950, Chicago Tribune, Senate Feuds Over Red Quiz In State Dept., by Willard Edwards,
P. cloakrooms, At least two other senate committees were better qualified to ... that the resolution be amended to instruct the committee to demand the records from ... He remarked that the probe might lead into an historic conflict in which the ... McCarthy said the state department Communists are under the leadership of

August 9, 1948, Chicago Tribune, Jury May Probe Shelton Gang 'Bribe Trap' Story,
The alleged records were made June 26, the day after Shelton and two of his ... during which the purported $25,000 demand was discussed with an alleged ... time to produce the secretly made recordings for any official agency to hear. .... step conversation, he sidestepped questions concerning his relation- ship with Hull.
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Senator Cullom is determined to probe this matter to the bottom, and It is believed there, be sensational developments In a week or two. ... As It Is the intention of the government to ship the reindeer 1in freight cars from New York After they ... to legislate on this most Important subject, now demanding immediate attention."

January 17, 1972, Chicago Tribune, Remodeling Costs Soar,
Continued on page 2, col. s I ... Service as part of its probe into the affairs of the late Secretary of State Paul Powell. ... down, but the assessor demanded it again when he saw the other agency's vault floor covered. ... In this game of one-upmanship, the players are unconcerned the cost of the changes


December 14, 1969, Chicago Tribune, Panther Slayings Split the City Into Name Calling Factions, by Ronald Koziol,
When the smoke had cleared, two Panther leaders lay dead.of Colored People, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Cook ... which is composed of 26 human relations and social welfare agencies, the local Call for Probe ... Rush also was in popular demand to be interviewed by: local radio stations.

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Grand Jury Probe ... "I also recall the articles con. in THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE and one or two other .... "America faces her gravest task- a task that will demand greater sacrifice, greater suffering .... When this smear and purge attack failed to defeat members of congress, the agencies of government were brought into play to,


March 1, 1968, Chicago Tribune, Partial Text of Report by Civil DisorderCommission; Lists Causes of Uprising In Ghettos; White Racism Is Salient Factor,

Our nation is moving toward ;two societies, one black, one white-separate and unequal.of funding and performance, but they neIther probe deeper nor demand more for local, state, and federal administrative and public service agency Increasing communication across racial lines to destroy stereotypes, to halt,

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Gábor Kádár, Zoltán Vági - History - 2004 - 413 pages

"Recounts the economic annihilation of the Hungarian Jews, who - from an economic point of view - were most influential than any other Jewish community in Europe. Following the German occupation in March 1944, the collaborating Hungarian government attempted to assert its claim concerning the complete confiscation of Jewish assets at all stages along the road leading to the extermination camps." "The book analyzes the role played by SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Kurt Becher, one of the most controversial and mysterious figures in the Hungarian and universal history of the Holocaust. Becher, delegated to Hungary by Himmler, administered and benefited from the confiscation of an enormous amount of Jewish assets."--BOOK JACKET.

Self-financing Genocide: The Gold Train, the Becher Case and the Wealth of
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