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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

August 3, 1946, Chicago Tribune,

August 3, 1946, Chicago Tribune,

August 3, 1946, AP - Chicago Tribune, Page 5, British Capture No. 2 Bad Man In Palestine Hunt, Itzhak Yezsternitsky, described as the No. 2 man in the terrorist Stern gang.

August 3, 1946, AP - Chicago Tribune, Page 5, AP, Hints Dropping of Mandate,

LONDON, Aug. 2 (AP)---A foreign office spokesman gave indirect support to day to the possibility Great Britain might resign her mandate over Palestine if the United States declined to cooperate in the new plan for dividing the Holy Land.

August 3, 1946, Chicago Tribune, page 2, Bare Nazi Plan To Sterilize Or Oust Half Jews,

August 3, 1946, Chicago Tribune, page 2, U.S. Expected To Oppose New 4 Nation Trials,

August 3, 1946, Chicago Tribune, page 2, Plants Looted In U.S. Zone of Reich, Reds Say,

August 3, 1946, Chicago Tribune, page 3, Chicago Girl Relates Forced Labor For Nazis,

August 3, 1946, AP - Chicago Tribune, U.S. Asks Parley To Decide JAP Reparations,


August 3, 1946, Reuters - Chicago Tribune, page 3, Hungarian Mob Kills Political Investigator,

August 3, 1946, Chicago Tribune, page 4, 5,000 Protest Lynching Of 4; Bilbao Assailed,

August 3, 1946, AP - Chicago Tribune, page 4, Negroes Launch Funds' Drive To Catch Lynchers,

August 3, 1946, Chicago Tribune, page 3, First Filipino Civilian Made Citizen Of U.S.,

Tuesday, November 29, 2016



Ms. Albright, Where is Honor?

Winston Mideast Analysis & Commentary
September 26, 1997

Madame Albright (fresh from discovering that most of her Jewish family was gassed and burned in Nazi death camps) gave a terse message to the Jews of Israel. She told Prime Minister Netanyahu that he should cease construction of Jewish homes because it provoked the Palestinians to bomb Jews. Where is her honor?

Hamas In Jordan Had Advanced Knowledge of Jerusalem Suicide Bombings

September 26, 1997

"The now detained Hamas spokesman, Ibrahim Gosheh, used to hold his press briefings in the Islamist parliamentarians' offices because they enjoy legal immunity. Hamas members were also allowed free movement and the right to organize public rallies in which their views opposing the peace process were aired and cheered".

Morning News Watch for Jews

September 25, 1997
Each morning Jews around the world turn on their news stations to learn if the body count in Israel has risen. Since Oslo and the Clinton arranged handshake on the White House lawn 9/93, 300 Jews have been murdered by Palestinian Arabs and several thousand injured, some maimed for life.

Israel High Court of Justice Receives Petition from Pollard

September 22, 1997
Jerusalem, September 18, 1997. The Israel High Court of Justice today received a petition from Jonathan Pollard's attorney, Larry Dub, requesting that the court disqualify Attorney General Eliyakam Rubinstein and his office from representing the government in the Pollard court case scheduled for hearing October 29,1997.

Loathing the Press

September 21, 1997
The Jewish people have good and plenty reasons to loathe and despise most of the press. While reporters and TV newspeople will accurately cover almost every news event with some reliability, when it comes to the Jewish State of Israel, all rules of ethical journalism cease. Even when they are forced to report on a bombing of Jews by Arabs, they manage to put a spin on the story that makes the Jews equally guilty for having been murdered.

Prominent Egyptian Praises Palestinian Bombers

September 19, 1997
The following is extracted from an article written by Amin Hewedy, former Egyptian Minister of Defense and Chief of General Intelligence titled "Goliath in Palestine". The article was published in AL-AHRAM WEEKLY, 11-17 September, 1997.

Exclusive!! - Geocartography Poll On the Behavior of President Weizmann

September 17, 1997
On the 14th Sept, "Geocartography" - published the results of a poll. Though this poll was sent to all the main newspapers in Israel, for some reason, it was not reported on by any one of them.
The subject of the poll dealt with the behavior of President Weizmann during the visit of Secretary of State Albright in Israel.

Palestinian Security Commitments

September 9, 1997

Palestinian Security Commitments as listed in a Israeli Government Press Office paper released today

Famous Letter from Yasser Arafat to (late) Prime Minister Rabin

September 7, 1997
If not for the tragedies that happened since then we may have smiled ... Re-read this "famous" letter that made so much news "way back" in September 1993, and weep ...

Israel Files for Extradition of Jabali - Not Tzurif Terror Cell

Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)
September 7, 1997

While Justice Minister, Tzachi Hanegbi today (Sunday), 7.9.97, signed an extradition order for Palestinian Police Commissioner Ghazzi Jabali, it is still unclear if/when he will do the same for other terrorists that have murdered Israelis - why???

Israeli Ministerial Security Committee Decisions

September 5, 1997
The Ministerial Committee on Security Affairs issued the following statement today

PA Radio Implies Israel Behind Jerusalem Bombing

Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)
September 4, 1997

What the Palestinian Authority is telling it's own people about the latest murders.

The Facts on the Ground

Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)
September 2, 1997

Having talked with Maj.-Gen. (res.) Oren Shahor after he formally joined the Labor Party, I understand why the Palestinians have gotten away with violating the Oslo Agreements from the very beginning.


Who is a Jew ... Again,

Date: October 31, 1997
Gail Winston, Director, MEIR, Mid East Information Resource goes in depth to explain this mis-understood topic.

Congress Says: Albright Working Against American Interests,

Date: October 31, 1997
Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State has been directly challenged in a letter of October 9 by the National Security Committee of the US Congress for her high-handed treatment of Israel.
The Congressmen ask Ms. Albright: "Does our government believe that Jewish Israelis have the right to live anywhere in the land of Israel, or does it believe that Jewish citizens residing in a sovereign, democratic Israel are restricted to certain "acceptable" zones? ...

The Palestinian Authority's Treatment of Christians in the Autonomous Areas,

Date: October 30, 1997
An Israeli government report telling of the religious persecution of Christians under the Palestinian Authority rule. Bethlehem has become a Moslem city, a convert to Christianity is threatened to be charged as an Israeli spy ...

Letter of Warning from the YESHA Council to Likud,

Date: October 26, 1997
Letter sent by the General Secretary of the Council of Settlements in Judea and Samaria ("YESHA") , Aharon Domb, to the members of the Likud Central Committee

Time for Responsible Opposition

Date: October 23, 1997
Every day, the Israeli Press serves us our fix of diversions, usually planted by the opposition. Could it be that the opposition has nothing of substance to say?

Expose: Hamas Murderers Under Arafat's Aegis

(Analysis by Roni Shaked, Yediot Ahronot, 15.10.97, "Sukkot Supplement," pp2-5)
Analysis done by Roni Shaked from Yediot Ahronot tells how the PA are treating terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands, a flagrant violation of the Oslo agreements.

The Lost Honor of the Presidency

Elyakim Haetzni
It may be that Pres. Weizmann came back full of honor from his latest trip to The United States - the question is: Did he bring honor to his country, or did he just go to build himself up on his people's expense?

Head Hunters

Moshe Leshem
To our sorrow, in our country there is never a quiet or a dull moment. The turbid waves resulting from the unsuccessful attempt to eliminate a top Hamas member in Jordan are swelling and threatening to overwhelm us. The opposition leaders, massively backed by the left-wing press, have unsheathed their long knives and, as usual, are on a head-hunt for Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Head Hunters

Moshe Leshem
To our sorrow, in our country there is never a quiet or a dull moment. The turbid waves resulting from the unsuccessful attempt to eliminate a top Hamas member in Jordan are swelling and threatening to overwhelm us. The opposition leaders, massively backed by the left-wing press, have unsheathed their long knives and, as usual, are on a head-hunt for Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Read 'em and Weep ...

Elyakim HaEtzni
Once again Israel is in mourning, and the hostile press are celebrating. They don’t even bother to hide their hunting instinct. In Borneo, there are head-hunters. Here, they hunt the head of the prime minister.

Assassination of Terrorists may be Law-Enforcing

Louis Rene Beres
World recognized Professor of international law (Purdue University), Louis Rene Beres, writes in this consice article, on the rights of nations to hunt those endangering their citizens in any way they can - all according to international law.

Assassination or Justice
October 6, 1997
Khaled Mashaal and well-known within Hamas circles as key organizer of cross border operations to kill Israelis, specifically the recent bombings in Jerusalem operated out of Jordan despite Yitzhak Rabin's agreement with King Hussein that he would NOT allow terror groups to operate on Jordanian soil.

Official PA Paper Mocks Albright
October 5, 1997
In his article, "Antipathetic Woman", Hafet al-Barghouti, Editor of "Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda", (October 3, 1997) an official newspaper of the Palestinian Authority, - mocks and scorns Sec. of State Ms. Albright. Are these her new friends?

Cabinet Statement on Assasination Attempt

Official Communique by the Cabinet Secretariat
October 5, 1997

Does Jordan Want Peace or Terror?
IMRA: Dr. Aharon LernerOctober 4, 1997
It may be that Israel screwed up. It may be that Israel should pay Jordan a price - but to release dangerous terrorists? Is this what our "peaceful" neighbor to the East should be demanding right now?

Kashmir, as an Example
Elyakim HaEtzni
October 4, 1997

This affair captured my attention on the occasion of a visit which Shimon Peres made to India in his heyday. The Kashmir region has a Muslim majority and a Hindu minority. It is ruled by Indian, and is afflicted by murderous Muslim terrorism. Peres, who wanted to please his Indian hosts, defended Hindu minority rule over the Muslim majority. Not one of the journalists there asked him: Why in your Kashmir, which is known as the West Bank, do you do the opposite?


Israel: Myths and Facts About Further Redeployments
November 26, 1997
Following is a clarification of four common misunderstandings concerning the Further Redeployment (FRD) of Israeli forces in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) (communicated by the Israel Government Press Office)

PM Netanyahu's Speech to the Council of Jewish Federations
November 17, 1997
The full text of the Prime Minister in Indianapolis

Anti-Israeli Articles in Egypt
IMRA: Dr. Aharon Lerner, November 15, 1997
Three articles coming from Egypt this week. What is the quality of Israel's "peace" with Egypt after giving up the Sinai? You read them and decide for yourself.

Did Rabin Know?

Uzi Benziman "Haaretz" Friday, November 14, 1997
Date: November 14, 1997
[Uzi Benziman is a senior columnist at "Haaretz". He is strongly identified with the Israeli Left.]
In this article from the Israeli daily, "Haaretz", several tough questions are asked on the use of agent provacator, Avishai Raviv in not just inciting against Rabin, but in slamming legal political entities in Israel.

Israel Government: PA Inititive at UN Violates Oslo
IMRA - Dr. Aharon Lerner
Date: November 13, 1997

Palestinian initiative to convene special UN General Assembly session violates the Oslo Accords (communicated by the Israel Government Press Office)

Arafat Asked Terror Groups To Attack Israel

IMRA - Dr. Aharon Lerner
Date: November 12, 1997

Article from Beirut weekly "A-Shira'" (Oct. 27, 1997, p.9) telling how Arafat requested from Islamic militants to attack Israel.

Arafat Revives Tribal Power

IMRA - Dr. Aharon Lerner
Date: November 11, 1997

A first hand account of the renewal of tribal rule in the PA in the Arab press written by Graham Usher. Street warfare in Gaza as citizens violently protest the Arafat dictatorship.

Government Sued to Charge Avishai Raviv for False Witness

IMRA - Dr. Aharon Lerner
Date: November 11, 1997

When asked by IMRA about Avishai Raviv, the [government] Spokesman's Office advised that they could not comment on the matter since this is now the subject of a filing before the Supreme Court and the Ministry has yet to reply.

Netanyahu Statement and Follow Up
IMRA - Dr. Aharon Lerner
Date: November 10, 1997

Netanyahu statement and follow up on the issue of the Golan, along with the letter sent to the Prime Minister from Golan residents.

What a Safe Place it Will be to Live in

Submitted by user: Boris Shusteff
Date: November 9, 1997

A glance through history immediately shows the devastation and withering that befall the Land when it became separated from the majority of its people. To the same extent history shows innumerable tragedies that befell the Jewish people unable to return to Eretz Israel.

The Haetzni Report

Date: November 2, 1997
The Ha'etzni Report - A regular report from the pen of Elyakim Haetzni, former MK and GAMLA political analyst - on current events in Israel


Demonizing The "Right Wing",
December 29, 1997
Winston Mideast Analysis & Commentary

On Friday December 26th, just before Shabbat, I was listening to
pro-Arab bias and since NPR is also known for their Leftist, anti-Israel reportage, I was not surprised by her commentary.

Yes ... again, the "right" in Israel is to blame ....

December 29, 1997

IMRA: Dr. Aharon Lerner
IMRA interviewed Gaza Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi, in English, on 28 December, 1997. In this very rare and interesting interview, Rantisi talks about the resons behind the Hamas ideology and why there cannot be both an "Israel" and peace in the Middle East.

Why We Hate Him [Netanyahu]: The Real Reason,

December 26, 1997

IMRA: Dr. Aharon Lerner
In this article which appeared in the weekend supplement of "Haaretz") Ari Shavit goes in depth about why his politcal camp "The Sons of Light" as he calls it (the "Peace Camp") hates Benyamin Netanyahu so much. One by one, he examines the reasons and the truth of those reasons behind the huge smear campaign in the Israeli media.

Reciprocity - Never!,

December 24, 1997

Winston Mideast Analysis & Commentary
Yassir Arafat, with acknowledged support from the Clinton government, has proven that he will never, ever honor any agreement made with the Jewish State. The Clinton Administration has shown that, while it demands that agreements be kept for itself, when it comes to the Jewish State both the US and the Arab nations may break any agreement and the Clinton Administration will keep silent. This does not stop the Clinton Administration, in lockstep with Arafat, from cooking up new Reciprocity Agreements with which Israel must comply - but ONLY Israel, not the PLO. Israel's submission is considered vital to secure Clinton's place in history and Al Gore's victory for President.

Abu Ala - Ramat Eshkol Also to be Part of Palestinian State,

December 23, 1997
IMRA interviewed Ahmed Qreia (known as Abu Ala), speaker of the Palestinian legislative Council, in English, on December 22. In the interview, he maintains that French Hill and Ramat Eshkol residents will eith have to leave or take up Palestinian citizenship ...

Letter from MK Rehavam Ze'evi (Moledet) to PM Netanyahu on Hebron,
December 22, 1997
The following is IMRA's translation of a letter sent today by Moledet leader MK Rehavam Ze'evi to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Mordechai on the recent shootings by Arabs in Hebron on Jewish civilians.

President Clinton has Become Israel's Worst Nightmare,
December 21, 1997
In this article by Arnold Fine, Sr. Editor of the Jewish Press (New York) - American Jews are waking up to the reality of their President's faulty policy concerning Israel.

14% Of Israelis Support Unconditional Redeployment,
December 16, 1997
A report on the results of a telephone survey of a representative sample of 1,097 adult Israelis [including Arabs] carried out by Dr. Yaacov Katz of the Center for Community Studies at Bar Ilan University on 12-15 December on the issue of the planned redeployment in YESHA.

Can a President be Arrested?,

December 15, 1997
What do you do with a President who uses his temporary powers of office to put a friendly country at risk of annihilation merely to accommodate hostile Arab nations? This is what President William Jefferson Clinton is doing to Israel.

Hamas Leader Rantisi - Palestinian Polls are Faked to Back Fatah,

December 13, 1997
IMRA interviewed Gaza Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi, in English, on 13 December, 1997. The interview deals with the latest polls done among Palestinians, Sheik Yassin's loss of popularity and general PA-Hammas relations.

Israel: PA Census in Jerusalem Violates Oslo,

December 10, 1997
Palestinian Authority Census in Jerusalem Would Violate Oslo Accord Prohibits All PA Activity in the Capital (Communicated by the Israel Government Press Office)

Time to Decide,

December 1, 1997

It is unwise to wait any longer. It is time to make the decision that will allow the multi-millennial saga of our people to continue. Fifty years ago enlightened mankind through UN resolution 181 grudgingly agreed to allow the re-creation of the Jewish State. The dream came true, the Jews were again to become free people in a free country. Blinded by the happiness, they did not notice that the UN was already regretting its move ...