Monday, July 20, 2009

I Can Only Imagine

kt and allybally are deeply individualistic, expressive and moving, while the set piece for church altar, as shown by the npousa 10, is a dead public display dressed up in black and white for the marvel of synchronization. This proves to me we should only pray in the privacy of our rooms, and stay out of churches.




Ivan Parker's version is the Ur one.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Night's Party at Jack Lenor Larson's Longhouse Reserve

I'd never been before. It was nice to start out at Round House, Larson's starter home next door, which a neighbor kindly opened up. A troop of drummers came to lead us away to the party proper.

As we came out of the woodland and into the sun, we were given green paper parasols

Richard, who was one of our party, had read the invitation to, "wrap yourself in silks, batik and ikat," seriously. I looked askance at him at first, but he was the absolute hit of the evening, a visual that had everybody talking to, and about him.

Bill Cunningham of the New York Times ran away in horror.

The house is fabulous, but the 16 acres of gardens are unbelievably beautiful.

The evening's ethic was good too---both in the entertainment, which was provided by scores of hyphen-Americans trained in Cambodian classical dance and Korean drumming, and in the evening's honoree, Carol Cassidy, an American weaver and textile entrepreneur, who has lived for nearly 30 years in Laos, and has done much to keep traditional craft and a sustainable economy alive there.

We were given gifts when we arrived of loomed silk Buddhist temple scarves, tightly wrapped in beautiful handmade Mulberry-paper covers, a wrap which at first I mistook for the gift itself. The scarf was the perfect addition to wear in my spectral mood.

Patrick McMullan
has a picture of me up.

It was all a perfect balance between the low-keyed and the luxe.

A paper chrysanthemum temporary party decoration.

A permanent garden feature--Buckminster Fuller's "Fly's Eye Dome"

Yoko Ono's grand chessboard, "Play It by Trust," 1999.

It was all fun and games.

But I was very tired, and it left me feeling very sad.

Friday, July 10, 2009

OMG! Tomorrow's Pookie's Party!

But first---tonight! The ARF gala at the Maidstone Club in East Hampton. Pookie took a table. Calling for dress attire as "Twinkle," which for a benefit advocating animal welfare is unfortunately close to "Tinkle." In any event, Peter Duchin plays at both back-to-back events, and I should have used a big shoe tree to stretch out my black velvet dance slippers. Note to self: no socks, mais oui, so bring lots of Band-Aids in jacket pocket.

5:00pm. More later

6:09pm My evening slippers. Stubbs & Wooton. Twinkle or tinkle, via polo calamity. Do my ankles look swollen, or is it just me? More later.

12:21am. Well, a certain Nubian princess photographs well. More later.

Monday Morning Quarterbacking:

I'm not happy with any of the pictures on my camera, so I'll have to wait for a certain Princess to trouble herself to forward pics off hers---but I did find two temporary-blog-posting shots. First, drinks on Meadow Lane before the ARF affair, with three of my five female dates. Men! I pulled it off! They was all skinny---but I was fat enough for five!

I only had to escort two femmes Saturday night, cause my main squeeze was, like, busy. Bill Cunningham took lots of pictures of Miss Nubia. We shall see if the Times approves.

Tuesday Morning:
Links are starting to come in with party pictures posted. David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary has two good pictures of D, but none of the rest of us! THAT will keep ME humble!

Hamptons Magazine
online presence, Scene B Scene, has several images of our group---but no D! (Hamptons Magazine also has another article on the party here.) Then there was this mega-pixel shot of some of our after-ten-o'clock table:

We should tidy up Friday night's fete first, with some shots off Pamela's camera, which she was gracious enough to make available to me within 48 hours for blog posting. None are flattering to me personally, but their energetics make them worthwhile, so I have to just suck up my visuals. The following three shots are of Ann, Carolyn and Dorothy. I had to escort five woman single-handedly Friday night, and I pulled it off with aplomb, if I do say so myself! I make them laugh!

Sometimes only smile a little.

Now on to the big night!

Here I am with Sue and Jean. Sue was our guest Friday night, but here she is in her outfit from Saturday night.

Jean is the Canadian heiress I wrote about a couple of years ago who had been "down on her luck," as they say. She finally got her act together, and on July 30 will celebrate her second anniversary of sobriety. She is an uncommon miracle, and an inspiration to many. Saturday night marked her first foray back into this sort of "society," if you will, and she acquitted herself with dispatch.

Luis came with his wife, who works at the museum as the Director of Family & Children's Programs, along with the after-dinner crowd of juniors let in at 10:00pm. Luis lived with me for three years as my assistant, and along with Jean, who also spent a couple of seasons at my house, they are huge American success stories, for which I take some personal credit--although I clearly didn't teach Luis how to tie his tie so the two ends end up the same.

Pamela's camera had a in-focus shot of our arrival outside the museum on Job's Lane. In focus, yes---but lacking a view of our footwear!

New York governor Patterson made some opening remarks.

Dorothy cut the rug with our friend Robert. It certainly looks like she was having fun. The whole experience must have been fraught, but she acted as though it were a walk in the park---actually, it was a walk in the park.

The big tree that rose up through the tent ceiling.
Damn! The one that got away! No flash!

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