Saturday, November 24, 2007

Utah State Police Taser Speed Trap Victim

I was reading the comments generated by this video making the rounds recently and I was struck that nobody got what really was happening in it.

The cop appears to slow down and pull over to let someone pass from behind. As soon as the car passes, the cop pulls back out and chases him down. What else was the cop doing? He appears to pull over in order to deliberately block the view of a temporary 40-mile-per-hour, reduced-speed sign. I bet that was the first sign drivers came upon coming in that direction. And it didn't look like a work zone.

What the young man kept saying was he wanted to go back and look to see the sign. He acts the way innocent people act. The cop on the other hand, acts the way people running away from their feelings and the truth act: aggressive, dishonest and unprofessional.

The corrupt nexus between law enforcement and shady politicians has for years now treated traffic tickets as an income stream rather than a health, safety and welfare issue. This of course, is nothing more than a regressive taxation on the poorest and least connected population in communities everywhere. A lot of Americans think the police are a part of the problem.

Is it hard to see the solution for this sort of thing is morality? Cops need to confess and atone for their part in America's worldwide sin. Go see American Gangster. That young family is going to be set for life on the proceeds of a winning lawsuit. And Utah gets another black eye.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Men in the Mirror

Mr. Daryl Donley September 11, 2001. His spooky pointless image, which the Library of Congress says he took first of the total of four--count them, FOUR--images that the symphony house manager took on the morning of 9-11-01. That would seem impossible given the traffic and the fact he is leaving the carnage as seen in his rear view mirror. Like his infamous fireball shot, which was a secondary explosion, three or four minutes in, the timing of the Donley series is spotty.

Mr. Jason Ingersoll, undated (self-portrait?), appeared 2007 on his professional photography web site. Good luck in your new career Jason!

July 19th 1995 Chang Lee took it and StevenWarRan was the first man in the mirror!

(This was from a very early edition of the Times in which the caption needs correction. We advocated for parking, not its elimination.)

My version of Myspace bathroom mirror portrait. Thanksgiving morning, 2007.

A bit younger.
The Smiling Brian Birdwell!