Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Am I Blue? Am I Blue? Ain't These Tears in These Eyes Telling You?

Am I blue, you'd be too...If each plan with your man....Done fell through....There was a time.....I was his only one.....
But now I'm...the sad and lonely one.....oh dear lonely.....

Was I gay, till today.....Now he's gone and we're through.....Am I blue.....Oh he's gone and left me.....I am blue....but I remember when I was gay.

You know, none of this looks like any fun. Nor does it look inter-connected, healthy, balanced, or productive. Reminds me of my misspent Tennessee youth, hearing them "speaking in tongues," which could then be topped by the person who would "translate" into meaningful, if somewhat repetative, English, but hey, nobody ever argued.

I did a mean eerny, merny, nerny Norwegian.

Jerry Falwell says there is an epidemic of oral sex in the Christian middle schools.

Just for the record, there was LSD in public middle schools in 1970 in Tennessee, but no oral sex.

For that you had to wait until high school. I'm really very clear about this.

It makes me feel good knowing that boys are trying to learn how to give pleasure as well as take it, to girls I mean, even if this makes Falwell unhappy.

The new Evangelical talking point is "we're losing our teenagers."

We know what that means.

Why, that's worse than killing Christian babies and drinking their blood!

Nobody's perfect.

But to steal away and convert the Rapture-Ready's youngins-- why, that's low.

I'm glad it's the other side who thinks that they have all the guns.

You know, the side that lost the war?

However this turns out, good luck everybody, getting wherever it is we have to go.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Seeing the True Face of Christ

Makes the Face of the Evangelicals look like the Ghastly Perversion of truth it truly represents. Painted shrill hussies, only happy feeling persecuted.

Thank You God,
and thank the little girls too, please.
They fulfilled the contract superbly.
We'll try to complete the rest.