Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FBI Has Copy of Jonestown Radio Messages by Charles A Krause,

January 29, 1979, Washington Post, FBI Has Copy of Jonestown Radio Messages by Charles A Krause,

were transmitted -- apparently enough to get the message across

This message was received, according sources , by three persons then in the radio room at the Georgetown house. Among those there at the time was Lianne Harris, Amos daughter by a first marriage, who indicated over the radio that she wanted to die along with those at Jonestown, the sources said.

Charles  Beikman, a temple member, and Stephan Jones have been charged by Guyanese police with the murders of Amos and her three children. Sources who have knowledge of the radio message transcripts said that even if Harris indicated she was prepared to die, that would not necessarily mean she and the others were not aided in killing themselves by someone else.  Almost everyone familiar with the manner in which Amos and her children died agrees that they could not have slashed their own throats without assistance.

According to those familiar with the transcripts now in the FBI's possession, the decision to monitor the Peoples Temple radio link was made more by accident than design. The shortwave radio operator in Georgetown said he had inadvertently learned the frequency used by the Peoples Temple and decided to listen in on the communications being sent back and forth because the operator knew that Rep, Ryan was at Jonestown.

[Good fucking point! Do you think Guyanese and American embassy officials in Georgetown, as well as the wider world of Concerned Relatives and government officials in Washington would likewise stay tuned in
and even record the transmissions.

Apparently, since the FBI questioned everyone who returned to the United States about drug and gun smuggling,  and money laundering, there stood the slightest chance recreational pig-latin wasn't being employed as an innocent lark, in which case full logs and a cracked decoder ring should have been established.

Apparently some third-party source just turned up with this wonderfully clarifying new evidence.  


By the way, Jim Jones' one-time Guyanese attorney, Sir Lionel Luckhoo, was named Most Successful Lawyer in the World by the Guinness Book of World Records, for having won 245 consecutive acquittals for defendants charged with  murder between 1940 and 1985 (when he entered politics.)