Saturday, September 16, 2006

An anthem to make us all proud.

An anthem to make us all proud.

Rise Up Together<
Music, lyrics and performance by Chuck Keiper

People wake up. There's a storm in the air.
There's a tidal wave risin' and ragin'.
Close your eyes if you want. Put your head in the sand.
But the world around you is changing.

They're moving, outsourcing, offshoring our jobs,
In the name of enhanced trade relations.
But the deficit's growing; we're being laid off.
They're cutting right at the heart of this nation.

Now the folks at the factory toil hard for their pay,
But the company's stealin' their pensions.
And the elderly people who worked all their lives,
Have to choose between food and prescriptions.

While the corporate fat cats have a license to steal -
Fill their pockets with all that will glitter.
And the congress and president deafly sit by,
And sell out to the day's highest bidder.

People, it's time we rise up together,
There's no time to wait, no they've left us no choice.
Black and white, weak and strong, old and young, all together,
We stand arm-in-arm and shout out with one voice.
(end chorus)

Now there's one set of rules for the plain, common folk,
And another applied to the privileged.
And the young people wonder what they're going to do,
'Cause their future's already been mortgaged.

And they're stealing our freedoms with each stroke of the pen,
While the spin doctors spin us hypnotic.
And the president tells us to blindly believe,
And that the question is unpatriotic.

People wake up. There's a storm in the air.
There's a tidal wave risin' and ragin'.
Close your eyes if you want. Stick your head in the sand.
But the world around you is changing.

And each moment we wait to give voice to our will,
Brings us closer to handing it over.
Like some uninformed fools who can't think for themselves.
Like the sheep at the hands of the drover.


"I am proud to be your County Commissioner,

and I ask for your support on November 7th

so we can keep moving forward toward a future
full of promise and opportunity: a future

that makes us proud to say we're from Portage County."

Chuck Keiper, Democrat
Portage County Commissioner

Blackwater Mercenaries in Najaf, Iraq

This 6 minute and 45 second video clip depicts mercenary Blackwater snipers on a rooftop in Najaf Iraq, firing down onto a public roadway in a random killing spree. One kill, waving a green flag, is described as "Mahdi Army--engage," and constitutes the only defined military target hit during the entire episode. We see, for instance, a bus making its escape under withering American firepower. What possible justification of military necessity could these coldly vicious men give as reason, other than walking while Iraqi, or bus riding while breathing, or...well, you get the idea.
At one point, the Blackwater sniper is heard to say,
"Jesus Christ! It's like a fucking turkey shoot!"

In another video, a Blackwater promo, a direct connection is made between the events of September 11, 2001 and the war against Iraq, suggesting some sort of moral rational for undertaking these acts of brutality, BUT THAT'S JUST ANOTHER LIE!

O.K. Add it to the list.

These pimps of violence will be brought to justice, along with all the sordid Bush cabel, its family operatives and aligned politicians, "Pioneer"-bundlers and other crooked corporate fatcats.

The tide has turned. Bush is playing defense now. The crimes against humanity commited by these amoral horrors will demand a massive penalty.

Blackwater, you may want to start shreding your employee records, don't you think?