Friday, December 29, 2006

U.S. Soldiers Taunt Iraqi Kids with Water Bottle: "I love You!"

U.S. soldiers "Giggles Bloodletter" and Master Sargent Videographer "al-Fred Hitch m'Cock," let off a little steam during a trying open-air Baghdad driveby, avoiding roadside bombs and Juba the Sniper, in teasing some little kids with a tempting half-empty plastic bottle of store-brand water. But like Oxycotin-addict Rush "Fatso" Limpbough said of the Abu Gharib guards who were just having a little frat-house fun with the naked P.O.W.'s in their care, everybody overreacts, assuming the worst about our men in buff, with drab accents. Why can't they take a joke, they ask? Maybe because this is the truth:

Amid a breakdown in infrastructure, families in Umm Qasr fill any available vessel with potable water. Children yell the few English words they know: "I love you! I love you! Water? Water?"

(Baltimore Sun photo by Elizabeth Malby)

April 9, 2003

Does everybody get it, AMERICA???

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