Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chase Bank: Did We Dodge a Patriot Act Missile?

Or maybe just a bullet? Now anybody stop me if I start displaying signs of paranoia disproportionate to my station in life.

At the bank a while back, I picked up some non-personalized deposit slips. When I went to use one for the first time, I noticed it asked for my "Social Security No./ Tax I.D. No." A new request for privileged information that threatened to treat it more than casually.
This seemed odd. Even I knew only whisper the last four of my sacred identity digits. When I next went in with a deposit, I mentioned to the teller that I hadn't filled it in but had ignored it on purpose, and I must say, she overreacted in quite a fluster, saying they were a misprint, she scratched the line out vigorously with her pen, and gave me a handful of replacements. Chase Bank

But I notice, the replacement slips aren't redesigned, they just removed the request for SS numbers and waste all the space in the line. This doesn't suggest a misprint to me, but rather a formal redesign took place necessitated by a policy change requesting the new information. The slips are dated with the revisions, the one requesting social security number says Rev. (01/05), with the newer version saying (Rev. 08/06)

I don't know why, but I have a feeling we barely dodged some fascist plot here. Maybe somebody who shall go nameless got a little bit ahead of himself in the reality creating business. Not wanting to think about it too much, what other changes would have to occur if as a matter of policy, our social security numbers became worthless for identity theft? We would need some other system, like iris recognition wouldn't we?

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