Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Men in the Mirror

Mr. Daryl Donley September 11, 2001. His spooky pointless image, which the Library of Congress says he took first of the total of four--count them, FOUR--images that the symphony house manager took on the morning of 9-11-01. That would seem impossible given the traffic and the fact he is leaving the carnage as seen in his rear view mirror. Like his infamous fireball shot, which was a secondary explosion, three or four minutes in, the timing of the Donley series is spotty.

Mr. Jason Ingersoll, undated (self-portrait?), appeared 2007 on his professional photography web site. Good luck in your new career Jason!

July 19th 1995 Chang Lee took it and StevenWarRan was the first man in the mirror!

(This was from a very early edition of the Times in which the caption needs correction. We advocated for parking, not its elimination.)

My version of Myspace bathroom mirror portrait. Thanksgiving morning, 2007.

A bit younger.

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