Monday, December 24, 2007

Ghosts of Christmas Past

(Subtitle: The Year the Pictures Turned Out Nice.)

I think this is 1986. Ev and me, looking rather more dynastic than affectionate. I liked the tree we did one year in white CATTLEYA orchids and polychrome Gerbera daisies better.

Ev's family of origin grouping, a shot which displays the wonderful Adam plaster tracery on the 13'-high coved ceiling.

Master of his universe.

Can only remember her name as Pat. Aren't the French tulips absolutely divine? People would ask of the painting, Rothko? Adding, but it is not signed! To which, the standard response was, but it is not finished!

Pat came with Talley Beatty, who was one of the great African-American dancers and choreographers, and a great friend of ours. Many of his dances, like The Stack Up, are still performed in repertory at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

The woman giving Talley the evil eye is Flora Roberts. She was Stephen Sondheim's agent but she's gone now so she didn't get any of the new Sweeney Todd movie moola. Talley died penniless but he got a half-page obit in the New York Times, if that's any consolation.

Ev's F.O.O. and his book authors, in the stairhall between the living and the dining rooms.

My avatar image for 2008.

Girls! Phooey! Can't live with them and you're not supposed to shoot them.

Pearl, who kept house for 20 years and could cook for 150 at parties like these in a tiny kitchen that originally was a butler's pantry--the only significant change in that marvelous 19th-century limestone house. Eunice was hired on to help as Pearl got old.

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