Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday 51

Wearing my pink Pith-helmet birthday present.

A few friends:
Jim is a builder up from Florida to supervise construction of a shopping plaza mid-island. Since he's away from his family, we hang out. We went to see Sex In the City together (if you can believe it.) I hated the movie, but the theater got hit by lightning before it ended so we got vouchers and can see something else. I don't photograph well--but my lawn does.

Jeff is an Ivy-League-trained architect who designed the last house in SH Village over a new super-size law limiting houses t0 25,000 s.f.: ___kai____'s redo of the old Magda Gabor estate.

Jeff designed the well-received Ammon house in East Hampton a few years ago, which "widow" Generosa tried to claim credit for. But since she was having an affair with the handsome electrician who installed the house's alarm system, the man who was later convicted of the bludgeoning death of her husband Ted, we know her level of creativity.

Berty teaches my inner child how to play soccer.

Dwight (right) is an estate gardener; Nick, (left) is an estate garden-ee.

Tom is a Village Parks Department employee and Nancy is a stay-at-home mom. Tom 's father was the groundsman at National Links for decades and he grew up in a wonderful house just inside the formal gates. In his childhood he was given free-range over miles of forest, bay and stream--I call him my nature Mogli-boy. "Stay-at-home" mom is a misnomer for Nancy. She brought four homemade crab-and-broccoli quiches to my party--and I'm talking the crabs you catch and pick over--so she gets out. The topic of conversation had just been, "Giving our children the teeth our parents didn't give us,"

Lois and Valerie are both public school teachers. One of them has been unlucky in love recently. Can you tell which one?

Future vegan muttocracy.

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