Sunday, July 25, 2010

Robert Wilson's Watermill Center Gala 2010: Paradiso

All the usual suspects were there---like jackthedripper, tryviolence, and bitchy michell.

The actress Sharon Stone functioned as an auctioneer. She got a flying insect caught up under her dress, which led to much shimmying and shaking. A lesbian photographer eventually had to get up in there with her hand to get it out. False flag?

This fellow's name was Clive, or Rodney, or Blaine. That's it---it was Blaine something or other.

I love to photograph Bill Cunningham of the New York Times for some obscure reason.

It had to have been the hottest evening of the year. Everybody simply melted, which made me feel I was in good company.

Well, the publicity ban was broken in a blockade end run. The Nubian Princess was outed in the New York Times as being the lovely Pamela Harris of Southampton. And yours truly can be spotted in a crowd scene at number 20. I being one of only two gentlemen who dared to wear shorts.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Steven,
Thank you for taking and posting a picture of me on your blog.
The silver person in the cocoon at the watermill benefit is me. If you have more pictures of us (gold and silver people), is it possible to send them to me?

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed the event.

Miyu Leilani