Thursday, January 05, 2012

Mr. Holman Hunt on the Restoration of the Jews. The Spectator, February 29, 1896, Pages 298-300.

February 29, 1896, The Spectator, Mr. Holman Hunt on the Restoration of the Jews, pages 298-300.


January 29, 1877, The Daily Graphic, Page 610, Column 3, Sale of the Holy Land,

Will the Jewish Kingdom Be Restored With Disraeli as Monarch, Or Will Brigham Young Move From Salt Lake To Palestine?

[From the London Spectator.]

A curious rumor is afloat, for which we do not vouch, that the Porte, in its eagerness for money, has offered to sell the Hereditary Pashalic of the Holy Land to any candidate accepted by the Jews in return for a loan. The transaction would be one of the most singular in history, but it is not beyond the range of possibility. Palestine needs nothing but irrigation and trees, and though the Jews dislike agriculture, fellaheen sufficient might be attracted from Egypt. The restoration of the Jews, with Lord Beaconsfield for first king, would be an incident romantic enough to satisfy even the imagination of the author of "Alroy." If the Jews refuse, the Turks should ask Brigham Young to make a bid. His agents were said, twelve months ago, to be sounding the Porte and studying the capabilities of the country, and the Mormon leader would glide easily into the position of a Pasha.


England in Palestine by Norman Bentwich, K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd., 1932


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