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November 1, 2001, Jerusalem Post, Saddam's death labs, by Uri Dan,

November 1, 2001, Jerusalem Post, Saddam's death labs, by Uri Dan, Archived,

(November 1) - As the investigation progresses of the source of the anthrax terrorist attacks on the US, more and more signs indicate that the anthrax originates in the death labs of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The justified war being waged by the US against the Taliban in Afghanistan is therefore likely to prove just the first stage in the real campaign awaiting the super power against the Butcher of Baghdad.

At least two pieces of evidence point to Iraq as the source of the anthrax that has been sent in powder form by mail to the US. One is that the advanced American research labs have found in the powder a chemical additive identical to that discovered by the inspectors responsible for eliminating weapons of mass destruction, who operated in Iraq after the Gulf War, until Saddam threw them out.

The second indication is that the Iraqi anthrax can generally be treated and cured after it has taken effect, using known antibiotics, developed specially to cope with it (including by Israel).

Saddam's involvement in the cruel and unprecedented terrorist attacks against the US shouldn't surprise those who recall the declarations and speeches of incitement made by the Iraqi dictator before and after the 1991 war, when he promised to take revenge on the US.

The Kaidah organization in Iraq and the Egyptian Jihad share Saddam's hate for the US, the Saudi Arabian monarchy, and even for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who joined the Allied coalition against Osama bin Laden. The "ideological" basis for cooperation between the tyrant from Baghdad and the extremist Islamic terrorist organizations has, therefore, existed for several years.

Rafi Eitan who, despite his retirement following the Jonathan Pollard affair, has remained at heart a professional intelligence officer, told me: "It would be totally illogical if the intelligence services of Saddam and bin Laden did not continue to cooperate. We already knew in the Seventies, and became even more certain in the Eighties, that Saddam was developing anthrax as a biological weapon.

"He tested it in both powder and liquid forms and even planned to poison water sources."

It may therefore be assumed, because Saddam is afraid of a decisive, destructive response by the US, that his skilled intelligence service made every effort to blur the traces of the connection between the anthrax powder possessed by the terrorists, and Iraq. Obviously he doesn't want the US to destroy Iraq, as it actually deserves, when the link between the anthrax that caused real terror in the US, and Saddam's death labs, is revealed.

It should also be noted that the suspects who perpetrated and or were arrested following the slaughter in the WTC Twin Towers and the Pentagon on September 11 do not include Iraqi citizens. Most of them were Egyptians and Saudis, and only a few were Palestinians and Syrians. It is very likely, according to Eitan, that Saddam made a condition of the terrorist deal with bin Laden that he would not recruit Iraqi citizens to his organization, in order to remove responsibility from Baghdad.

However, a direct link has already been exposed, even in the media, between the suicide bombers who destroyed the WTC, and Iraq: a meeting held in Prague between Muhammad Atta, one of the leaders of the murder gangs who acted in the US, and an Iraqi intelligence officer.

Sooner or later, the extent of the involvement of the dictator from Baghdad in the unprecedented terrorism campaign that has brought the world to a state of global war will come to light. This is not the "end of history" but a case of history running in reverse. A war of bacteria, similar to the use of mustard gas by the Germans in World War I, and methods of mass destruction in the style of the Nazis in World War II. This is a war that will not come to an end until special forces are employed in the field, inside the caves and dens of terrorism, as if it were a replay of the trench warfare of World War I.

In the end, it is likely that the US will be forced to deploy tactical nuclear weapons of the post World War II era, in order to demonstrate to millions of fanatical Muslims that this is how their crazy terrorist campaign will end.

Against this background we can admire even more the decision of prime minister Menachem Begin, under unceasing pressure from Ariel Sharon, to bomb Saddam's nuclear reactor in June 1981. US defense secretary Casper Weinberger, in his political blindness, rushed to punish Israel and impose a temporary embargo on the supply of fighter aircraft.

To demand that Israel now make concessions to Yasser Arafat in the name of the war against bin Laden and his supporters is to try and cure anthrax with an aspirin.

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