Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Computer Foibles

Unsigned Orphan Bastard

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 x86 Redistributable - 10.0.40219 (1)

61 out of 81 Microsoft Office updates seem rather to be "reupdates," installed en masse on Nov. 11, at which time a significant number of earlier updates disappeared. I didn't keep score, but I recall a number of "54" after a reinstall on October 10, with a few more scattered hence. Update KB2553347 has been installed 17 times here, so MS is inflating their semblance of security.

Suddenly....fourteen network adapters appeared in my device manager. I disabled all but the Realtek "family controller."

Somebody told me to unclick all the digital Autobahns in my network adapters' Local Area Connections properties, except for the two-lane macadam TCP/IPv4, but still I can get 3,000,000 bytes

From Device Manager:
Microsoft Input Configuration Device - Not digitally signed.
Trusted Platform Module 1.2 - non-functioning

Nov. 11, 2014
Failed Windows Updates:
KB3092601 Important
KB3107998 Recommended
KB3097877 Important
KB3101722 Important
IE11 KB3093983 Important


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