Monday, November 10, 2008

My friend Pamela, the Nubian Princess, made it onto the front page of the Southampton Press this week,

in a photograph of the Democratic party victory celebrations at 75 Main Street, in Southampton. Obama's coattail effect was pronounced locally, as a sitting Republican town board member and sitting Republican town judge were defeated by Democratic challengers. This is simply unheard of in the political history of our little Republican-dominated town.

This ecstatic image was published in color above the fold in the Western edition of the Southampton Press. Edited by Frank Costanza, it is the less-read, and less influential of two editions of the paper. The Eastern edition of the Press, which is edited by Joe Shaw, published these photographs on the front page instead:

leaving the image of the winning democratic group for a smaller, black-and-white shot published on page 15.

It isn't hard to determine which image is the more flattering---or newsworthy for that matter---and what the subtext is between the two. The editor Joe Shaw must have led with the images from the Community Baptist Church because his wife was the photographer who took the shots.

Yes, that's it. Nepotism. Makes perfect sense. Certainly not racism.

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