Monday, November 10, 2008

Newsday July 14, 1995 "So Much Beach, So Little Parking" by Marilyn Goldstein

"Steve Welch, one of the well-tanned supporters of more parking at Fowler's, promised, 'We're going to have a gay park-in on Fowler Street, in the middle. We're going to put a spinet piano on the back of a pickup truck parked in the middle of Fowler Street and belt out show tunes,' Welch promised. "We're going to have all-girl bikini mud wrestling. We're going to get ticketed by the village but the tickets won't be legal because we'll be on town property.'"

I really am a mo. No one will bring me oranges in the camps now.

I must say, that Marilyn Goldstein got that extended quote exactly right, and I recall she did it without taking notes. Her eyes just got big and round. That's called listening! We all could take lessons.

I remember being locked in mortal combat with Margaret Fowler, the farm family in-law who figures in the drama, and our local high-school Latin teacher to boot. After things had cooled down a little, I asked her what she thought of the quote above, and she said, "It made me laugh out loud!" It was an amazing feeling to have made her laugh in spite of herself at that difficult time. We're pretty friendly to this day.

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