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February 3, 1999, Gamla Intelligence Newsletter, Winston Mideast Analysis & Commentary: Retribution 2, by Emanuel A. Winston,

February 3, 1999, Gamla Intelligence Newsletter, Winston Mideast Analysis & Commentary: Retribution 2, by Emanuel A. Winston,

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Winston Mideast Analysis & Commentary

Retribution 2

Will Congress be blamed for allowing the State Dept. to collaborate with radical Islamic movements and nations. More information is surfacing about Islamic Radicals and the special covert relationship with these very dangerous people, the State Dept. and, in many cases, the President.

A recent publication by Israel & Global News (edited by Murray Kahl) offered a well-documented report entitled "A Muslim Dominated US State Department?: A Secret War without Congressional Approval?" It's a devastating expos‚ of US Government connection with the Mujahedin Islamic fighters cum terrorists being sent into Bosnia. I&G News quotes Crown Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan speaking at Washington briefing June 16: "I congratulated him [an Iranian envoy] on getting the Mujahedin into Bosnia with the approval of the White House." Italian newspapers corroborated evidence of HizbAllah (Party of God) Iranian radicals throughout Europe. And they also recounted that the US actively and knowingly enabled Iran et al to establish an Islamist terrorist empire in Europe. The source added: "We [Americans] even bombed the Serbs when they tried to interfere and we threatened the West Europeans with economic retribution if they resist (even though Bosnia served as a base for the bombers who hit central Paris in 1995 and 1996)."

I&G News June 19, 1997

Congress was only momentarily disturbed to find the President had mandated that Iran be allowed to ship weapons to the Bosnian Muslims. This, at a time we were pretending to be an "Honest Broker" between the Christian Serbs and the Bosnian Muslims. Congress was late in picking up this illegal transfer of weapons but, once they did, little of consequence was done to correct the situation. Congress is fast becoming irrelevant in the formation of American foreign policy as successive Presidents and State Depts. simply ignore Congress and, therefore, the will of the American people who elect their representatives.

The impression of Presidential bias due to special interests grows. Was this a result of early political funding from Arab sources? Does this not resonate with the scandal now being investigated of illegal contributions from Asians for the 1996 Democratic/Presidential campaigns? Why don't the contributions from various wealthy Arabs (individuals, companies and countries) make news headlines like the Asians? Where are America's excellent investigative journalists? And, why haven't President Bush and Sec. of State Baker or the Republican Party been investigated for soliciting and receiving political contributions from Arab sources (radical and other)?

Recall that President Bush issued a pre-indictment pardon (called a waiver) for his Cabinet at the start of the Gulf War. In effect, such members of the Bush Cabinet who had been making oil and/or weapons' deals with Iraq could not be tried and found culpable in the deaths of our American soldiers. They were protected by Bush, even if these transactions were found to be against American interests. Bush must have known they were guilty of serious impropriety. Here again, Congress did not have the guts to call for hearings. When George Bush transferred $5 Billion Dollars from the Dept. of Agriculture to Saddam Hussein, Congress failed in their responsibility to hold hearings.

Later, President Clinton tasked his Attorney-General Janet Reno of the Justice Dept. to sift through this ostensibly illegal transfer of money to a raving dictator. The investigation was so silent it almost didn't exist. Did we hear anything except for the barest of announcements by Ms. Reno that "Nothing illegal was committed"? Bush and Baker took American tax dollars and gave them to a rogue dictator to use for weapons, including R&D on NBC weapons of mass destruction (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical). And yet Clinton's Attorney General tells us that they did nothing wrong!?

Shouldn't Congress have called for investigative hearings with subpoena powers where these questions could have been asked? What would have been the answers? Recall J. Edgar Hoover's files which persuaded (read: blackmailed) political people to go along with Hoover's judgment on how these great United States should be run.

Questions like these should still be asked:

    Mr. Bush: During your years as Director of the CIA or after, did you develop a file on then Governor Clinton?President Clinton: Were you ever pressured to adopt pro-Islamic policies based on your past record as Governor of Arkansas?
    Mr. Baker, Mr. Scowcroft, Mr. Bush and others of the Bush Cabinet: Gentlemen, tell us about your involvement of shipments to Saddam Hussein of weapons, intelligence, technology of transfer?
    Tell us also about your financial investments through oil companies or other front companies in the development of new oil fields in Iraq as yet unpiped?
    Have you, your family or business associates received oil drilling leases or other commercial benefits in Arab nations where American foreign policy would be unduly influenced?
These and other questions may yet be asked of the Cabinet of the former President and perhaps President Clinton. While Bush may have issued a waiver to protect his men, that does not mean they are forever protected from answering these crucial questions under oath. If, however, they choose to withhold information or lie to Congress (or even twist the truth a bit to protect the guilty), for this they should go to jail. What is being withheld from the American people may be criminal to the point of treason.

The Congress of these United States is responsible as a functional checks and balance system for the American people. If Congress has deliberately shut their collective eyes to corruption and manipulation by successive Presidents and our State Dept., now they must accept the blame and be voted out of office.
If the State Dept., the Presidents and their staffs and our intelligence agencies have adopted a covert pro-Islamic agenda for reasons of money, cash flow in oil or other commerce, then impeachment and mass firings should take place. If, as reported, terrorist organizations are aided in their infiltration of Europe and America because of Arab influence via oil and other economic pressures, then our government no longer represents the American people. If the institutions of government have been corrupted by cash flow from multi-national corporations, then government institutions must be emptied of those tied to foreign governments. The next question is: Will Congress act or has it also been penetrated by the huge political cash flow from the Arab nations and those corporations who influence our foreign policy?

Clearly, Congress must be held accountable because they were voted in as the country's watch dogs. If some in Congress joined the thieves they were elected to watch, then they must be voted out of office. If they have taken money to close their eyes and ears, then they must be tried and probably jailed.
It is time for public indignation to force Congress to do their job. Write your Congressman and demand that they investigate and hold hearings.

Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East analyst & commentator

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