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December 15, 2005, New York Times, Bush Secretly Lifted Some Limits on Spying in U.S. After 9/11, Officials Say, by James Risen and Eric Lichtblau, 

December 16, 2005, New York Times (print) Bush Lets U.S. Spy on Callers Without Courts, by James Risen and Eric Lichtblau, 

"After allegations that President Bush authorised a US intelligence agency to eavesdrop on American citizens without court approval, the BBC News website considers some key questions." · Tom Regan, 
December 16, 2005, Christian Science Monitor, Bush allowed spying on Americans in US after 9/11. Presidential order authorized NSA to eavesdrop without court warrants, by Tom Regan,

December 16, 2005, New York Times, Bush Declines to Discuss Report on Eavesdropping, by Christine Hauser,

December 16, 2005, CNN, N.Y. Times statement defends NSA reporting. 'The question was not why we would publish it, but why we would not',

December 16, 2005, War and Piece, A scoop deferred, by Laura Rozen,

December 16, 2005, Bloomberg News, Rice Denies U.S. Broke Law Amid Report Bush Authorized Spying,

December 16, 2005, Bloomberg News, Specter Says Senate to Probe Report U.S. Broke Law on Spying,

December 16, 2005, TPM Cafe, Spying on Americans and John Bolton, by Larry Johnson,
"During the confirmation hearings of John Bolton as the U.S. representative to the United Nations, it came to light that the NSA had freely revealed intercepted conversations of U.S. citizens to Bolton while he served at the State Department. ... More generally, Newsweek reports that from January 2004 to May 2005, the NSA supplied intercepts and names of 10,000 U.S. citizens to policy-makers at many departments, other U.S. intelligence services, and law enforcement agencies."

December 16, 2005 [7:52 AM ET] NPR, Bush Said to Approve Post-Sept. 11 Eavesdropping, by Larry Abramson,

December 16, 2005, NPR, Domestic Spying and a Delayed Report,

December 16, 2005, NPR, Politics with Juan Williams: Spying and the Patriot Act, George Miller on Domestic Spying,

December 16, 2005, The Stakeholder,

December 16, 2005, Center for American Progress, President Bush and Domestic Spying by NSA, by Morton H. Halperin,

Bill Keller

 14, 2003, New York Times, The Boys Who Cried Wolfowitz, by Bill Keller, Saturday, Editorial Desk, Late Edition - Final, Section A, Page 15, Column 1, 1625 words,

June 18, 2003, New York Times, The Search for Reasons for War (5 Letters)

July 9, 2003, Vol. 21, No. 5,312 - The American Reporter, An AR Editorial, Sen. Carl Levin 'Bowels' 'Em Over, by Joe Shea, American Reporter Editor-in-Chief,

Council for a Livable World's affiliated 501(C)(3) research organization, the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation; Iraq Intelligence - Keller,

July 9, 2003, New York Times, War's Rationale; Bush Charge on Iraq Arms Had Doubters, House Told, by David E. Sanger and Carl Hulse,

September 25, 2004, AP - CBS News, 60 Minutes Scraps War Report, CBS News and anchorman Dan Rather now say that the authenticity of documents used in a "60 Minutes" story on George W. Bush's National Guard service can't be confirmed. Drew Levinson reports.

November 9, 2005 [12:10 PM], Bill Keller's "entanglement",

August 2008, Columbia Journalism Review, Sulzberger at the Barricades, by Douglas McCollam, 6,133 Words, Arthur Sulzberger Jr. is racing to transform the embattled New York Times for the ... Shareholders in the Times Company have been taking it on the chin recently, ... Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times, circulated a memo noting ... Sulzberger has demonstrated an admirable capacity to stick by reporters and

December 19, 2005, The New Yorker, The Inheritance Can Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., save the Times—and himself?, by Ken Auletta, Can Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., save the Times—and himself? ... Sulzberger, Jr., the chairman of the New York Times Company and publisher of the Times. .... But his preoccupation has been the Times, which he may have been ..... Miller, for herpart, asked why no one blamed editors like Raines, and others,

November 9, 2005, New York Daily News, Halle: Something In Development?, by George Rush, Joanna Rush, Jo Molloy, Chris Rovzar, But the twice-divorced Halle, who turned 39 in August, has made no ...Times editor 'snowed' in the hunt for WMD info Embattled reporter Judy Miller may not have been the only one at ... Executive Editor Bill Keller has iced out Miller for her "entanglements" with indicted White House leaker Scooter Libby

November 9, 2005, National Review Online, Keller Was Part of the Conspiracy!,

November 9, 2005, Editor & Publisher, The Editor Who Cried 'Wolfowitz', by Will Bunch,
- How deeply was Bill Keller in the sway of Wolfowitz & Co. ... wrote a June 14, 2003 column that was called “The Boys Who Cried Wolfowitz” and ..

September 8, 2011, The Nation, Updated: Bill Keller's Latest 'Mini-Culpa' On Backing the ...
- Bill Keller, the top editor at the New York Times since July 2003, has penned a ... 2003, in a Times piece titled “The Boys Who Cried Wolfowitz.

Will Bunch, The Big Stall: How Bush gamed the media to get re-elected in 2004, Attytood, December 16, 2005,

03, New York Times, War's Rationale; Bush Charge on Iraq Arms Had Doubters, House Told, by David E. Sanger and Carl Hulse,

Rob, Action Alerts: Tell Congress to kill the Patriot Act until we get answers about Bush's illegal domestic spying,

December 16, 2005,  AMERICAblog,


Friday, December 16, 2005

ACTION ALERTS: Tell Congress to kill the Patriot Act until we get answers about Bush's illegal domestic spying

by Rob in Baltimore - 12/16/2005 03:19:00 PM

With the successful filibuster of the Patriot Act, don't breathe a sigh of relief - it's just been put on hold.

Now, more than ever, it's required that you contact your two Senators and tell them to reject the "Patriot" Act. (See below for contact info and message.) 

A couple of things to point out from the Washington Post article:

The White House made no comment last night. A senior official reached by telephone said the issue was too sensitive to talk about. None of several press officers responded to telephone or e-mail messages.

Congressional sources familiar with limited aspects of the program would not discuss any classified details but made it clear there were serious questions about the legality of the NSA actions.

It has also involved teams of Defense Intelligence Agency personnel stationed in major U.S. cities conducting the type of surveillance typically performed by the FBI: monitoring the movements and activities -- through high-tech equipment -- of individuals and vehicles, the official said.

1. Defense department employees are stationed WITHIN THE UNITED STATES to spy on Americans without a court order. And people within the Congress think it might be illegal.

2. This administration time and time again has used 9/11 to simply ignore whatever laws they don't agree with. They used it in foreign policy, invading Iraq, lying to the American people telling them Iraq had something to do with 9/11 when it didn't. The White House attitude is quite simple - we know we're right and we're going to do it no matter what the law.

3. This administration doesn't believe in the Constitution or the rule of law. 9/11 was used to suspend the Constitution, the Geneva Convention, and any number of laws. (Yes, it really is that bad.) There is nothing at all "patriotic" about the US military and NSA illegally spying on citizens. Average Americans most certainly wouldn't reward the Bush administration with a permanent extension of the Patriot Act and congress should either.

December 16, 2005, Washington Post, Bush Authorized Domestic Spying, by Dan Eggen, Washington Post Staff Writer, Friday,


isit this page to find your two Senators' phone numbers and call them. Tell them not to renew the Patriot Act until the Bush administration is held accountable for breaking US law in order to spy on American citizens. It's time the Congress finally did its job as an equal branch of government. No more blank checks for a White House that is breaking the law and spying on its own citizens.

And now from the original New York Times piece that started this all off:
The White House asked The New York Times not to publish this article, arguing that it could jeopardize continuing investigations and alert would-be terrorists that they might be under scrutiny. After meeting with senior administration officials to hear their concerns, the newspaper delayed publication for a year to conduct additional reporting. Some information that administration officials argued could be useful to terrorists has been omitted.

December 16, 2005, New York Times, Bush Lets US Spy on Callers Without Courts, by James Risen and Eric Lichtblau,

Delayed for a year? Was the White House really concerned about terrorism? Or was it politics? What did the New York Times know and exactly when did they know it? What was going on a little more than a year ago? The President faced reelection.

Did The New York Times know about this story before the 2004 Presidential Election? I would hate to imagine that the New York Times knew this story before the election and didn't run with it. In the days of Judy Miller and Bob Woodward, you just can't give the media the benefit of the doubt. The New York Times needs to come clean with the American people.


Write The New York Times Public Editor and ask him to come clean on when the Times first knew about this story:

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John Aravosis, If Bush thought eavesdropping laws were too onerous post 9/11, he was required to ask Congress to CHANGE THE LAW, not just violate it for 3 years,
AMERICAblog, December 16, 2005. · Hilzoy, ... This is against the law,

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December 13, 2005, British anti-terror operations 'up 75 percent' since bombings,
December 14, 2005 US, British troop reductions may begin after Thursday elections,
December 15, 2005, CSM, Pentagon accused of spying on Americans,

December 16, 2005, Washington Monthly, Political Animal, NY Times Self-Censorship, AKA 'the President's Press',
December 16, 2005, Daily Kos, Jack Cafferty on the administration: Just Do it!,
December 16, 2005, Crooks and Liars, Bush: NYT spying story isn't the day's top news, by Jim Romenesko,
December 16, 2005, Poynter Online - PBS, Transcript of Jim Lehrer's interview with President Bush,

December 17, 2005 [8:33 AM EST] CNN, Bush won't confirm report NSA spied on Americans, by Kelli Arena,

December 17, 2005 [9:51 AM EST] AP - ABC News, Bush Approved Eavesdropping, Official Says, by Katherine Shrader, Bush "has personally authorized a secretive eavesdropping program in the United States more than three dozen times since October 2001, a senior intelligence official said Friday night." ·
December 17, 2005, San Francisco Chronicle, Privacy Rights and National Security: After revelations the U.S. spied on its own citizens, the Senate puts the brakes on controversial post-9/11 measures intended to fight terrorism. by Maura Reynolds and Greg Miller,
December 17, 2005, New York Times, Behind Power, One Principle as Bush Pushes Prerogatives, by Scott Shane,
December 17, 2005, Washington Post, On Hill, Anger and Calls for Hearings Greet News of Stateside Surveillance, by Dan Eggen and Charles Lane,
December 17, 2005, Think Progress, Yesterday, Bush Said Confirming NYT Story 'Would Compromise Our Ability To Protect The People', by Judd Legum,

"For 24 hours, Bush and other top administration officials refused to confirm the existence of their secret domestic spying program, arguing that doing so would endanger the American people. .... This morning, President Bush not only confirmed the existence of the program but provided details about how it worked.

This demonstrates that the administration’s initial refusal to comment was not motivated by security concerns. If that was the case Bush still wouldn''t have been able to comment this morning. Rather, the refusal to comment was a public relations strategy. When they decided it wasn’t working, they scrapped it and tried something else." · "Democratic senator says Bush violated law with wiretaps: He is a president, not a king,"

December 17, 2005, The Raw Story, Democratic senator says Bush violated law with wiretaps: He is a president, not a king,

From a release issued to RAW STORY by Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) in response to President Bush's admission Saturday that the president personally authorized wiretaps of individuals who emailed or phoned other countries." Includes Feingold's "Fact Sheet on Domestic Intelligence Wiretaps." ·

December 17, 2005, The Huffington Post, The Tippling Point, by Deanne Stillman,

December 17, 2005, Daily Kos, Operation Flabbergasted: Let's Watergate Bush,
"This cannot stand. In ordering the NSA to spy secretly on America, George Bush has: overturned United States Signals Intelligence Directive 18

, which prohibits domestic spying by the NSA; violated the federal act which created the FISA

court to oversee covert domestic investigations; and trampled upon the Fourth Amendment

guarantee against warrantless searches. It cannot stand for a day, much less a month while Congress is in recess." Also see Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo

Ezra Klein's blog
January 2005: Gonzales Said Bush Did Not 'Authorize Actions…In Contravention of Our Criminal Statutes',
at Think Progress on FISA and this report
on 2002 FISA requests. ·;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

"Condi: I am not a crook! Sorry, I meant: I am not a lawyer!"
Crooks and Liars, December 18, 2005.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with Tim Russert. WMP link on page; full transcript

December 16, 2005, New York Times, Bush Lets U.S. Spy on Callers Without Courts, by James Risen and Eric Lichtblau,
December 21, 2005, New York Times, Spying Program Snared U.S. Calls, by Eric Lichtblau and James Risen,
December 21, 2005, New York Times, Spy briefings failed to meet legal test, lawmakers say, by Douglas Jehl,
December 23, 2005, New York Times, Domestic Surveillance: The Advocate; A Junior Aide Had a Big Role In Terror Policy, by Tim Golden, 
December 23, 2005, New York Times, Domestic Surveillance: The White House; Defending Spy Program, Administration Cites Law, by David Johnston and Neil A. Lewis; Eric Lichtblau contributed reporting for this article.
December 23, 2005, New York Times, Domestic Surveillance: The Legal Precedent; Little Help From Justices on Spy Program, by Adam Liptak, 

February 7, 2006, New York Times, Top Aide Defends Domestic Spying, by Eric Lichtblau and James Risen,
February 8, 2006, New York Times, Republican Who Oversees N.S.A. Calls for Wiretap Inquiry, by Eric Lichtblau,
February 9, 2006, New York Times, Full House Committee Gets Briefing on Eavesdropping, by Scott Shane and Eric Lichtblau,
February 12, 2006, New York Times, Inquiry Into Wiretapping Article Widens, by David Johnston, 
February 16, 2006, New York Times, Justice Department Reviews Role of Its Lawyers in Spying, by Scott Shane and Eric Lichtblau,
February 17, 2006, New York Times, Accord in House to Hold Inquiry on Surveillance, by Eric Lichtblau and Sheryl Gay Stolberg,
February 18, 2006, New York Times, Senate Chairman Splits With Bush on Spy Program, by Sheryl Gay Stolberg,
February 20, 2006, New York Times, Facing Pressure, White House Seeks Approval for Spying, by Sheryl Gay Stolberg and David E. Sanger,,

DELEGATION WATCH: Measure promotes greater access to records,

Sniper suspects linked to Ga. death

FBI's top-ranking woman to lead Catholic abuse unit

Fort Bragg killings blamed on stress, marital problems

Republican leaders put security on agenda

Yemeni-American killed in CIA strike tied to al-Qaida cell

From behind scenes, Rove has GOP in front

Republican leaders put security on agenda

Associated Press

U.S. weighs turning Moussaoui over to tribu
• Police arrest al-Qaida cell suspects in New York Friday,
• Pakistan authorities arrest alleged terrorists Wednesday, including 9/11 attack-planning suspect Ramzi Binalshibh,

FBI Director Robert Mueller Video Video:
Powell says war on terror differs from battles in past,
• Congress debates homeland security,
• Mueller announces FBI reorganization,
Photo galleries:
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Multimedia galleries:
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• About Camp X-Ray,
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FBI Director Robert Mueller's statement to Senate panel,

Text of FBI agent Coleen Rowley's letter to Director Robert Mueller about Sept. 11 investigation complaints (in two parts),

FBI's terrorist search,

Osama bin Laden,

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November 13, 2002, AP - Houston Chronicle,

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What is the NSA Up To? - The Washington Monthly,

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DEA Special Operations Division Covers Up Surveillance ...,

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Israeli Spying in the United States - Counterpunch,

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Home Sweet... Electronic Police State. - Daily Kos,

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Spy data disclosures show anew that executive branch ...,

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Potential Amendments to the Foreign Intelligence ...,

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Edward Snowden, MI5, The Guardian: who are the bad guys ...,

N.S.A. Able to Foil Basic Safeguards of Privacy on Web,
by N PERLROTH - ‎Cited by 51 - ‎Related articles, Sep 5, 2013

Jun 11, 2014,,
Part 4 - Why Israel Spies On The USA (& allies) -,

February 5, 2006, Washington Post,  page A1, NSA Eavesdropping Scrutinizes Thousands of Americans, Later Cleared, in Hunt for Terrorists, by Barton Gellman, Dafna Linzer and Carol D. Leonnig,

Most spying targets no longer suspects; Thousands scrutinized by secret NSA eavesdropping later cleared,

August 15, 2004, The Telegraph, Arab terrorists 'are getting into the US over Mexican border', by Julian Coman in Washington,

NBC News, Spy court judge quits in protest; Jurist worried that Bush order tainted work of secret panel,

NBC News, NSA spy program broader than Bush admitted; ‘Pattern analysis’ performed on main U.S. telecommunication channels,


NBC News, Secret court judges to be briefed on spying; Judges question Bush program's legality, how information was used

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School
September 11, 2001 : Attack on America

 at Think Progress. · Laura Rozen, "There's something else about the Bush/NSA warrantless, oversight-less spying on Americans that doesn't make sense,"
War and Piece,
December 18, 2005,
Hilzoy, Bush and the Separation of Powers, 

Nico Pitney,
Former Intel Chairman Graham: White House Made 'No Reference' to NSA Program In Briefings,
Think Progress,
December 18, 2005,

Noah Shachtman,
New Tech Behind NSA Snoop Case?,,
December 18, 2005. · 


2005 Continued... ·

Press Briefing by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and General Michael Hayden, Principal Deputy Director for National Intelligence (, James S. Brady Briefing Room, December 19, 2005 (8:30 A.M. EST). re Alberto R. Gonzales and Michael V. Hayden. · georgia10, "Gonzales: Congress Gave President The Authority To Spy On Americans," 

( Daily Kos, December 19, 2005. · 

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GOP Praises Eavesdropping Program
January 21, 2006

Lawsuits Target Spying Program
January 18, 2006

U.S. Spying Plan Lacked Congress' Scrutiny, Leading...
December 20, 2005

( Crooks and Liars, December 19, 2005. "Jonathan Turley-on the Factor said that President Bush's spying operation is based on a federal crime." No QT or WMP links as of December 20, 2005, but to come. · 

Tom Tomorrow, "Wow," ( This Modern World, December 19, 2005. "Fox’s in-house legal expert, Judge Andrew Napolitano, has strayed off the reservation." · 

Jonathan Alter, "Bush’s Snoopgate. The president was so desperate to kill The New York Times’ eavesdropping story, he summoned the paper’s editor and publisher to the Oval Office. But it wasn’t just out of concern about national security," 
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Also see Will Bunch, "'All the news that's fit to print' -- except when it's about us," ( Attytood, December 19, 2005. ·

 John Aravosis, "Bush lied during his press conference when he said Congress had approved his domestic spying program," ( AMERICAblog, December 19, 2005 (6:29 P.M. EST). Link to handwritten letter ( from Senator Jay Rockefeller to VP Dick Cheney "expressing his concern about the secret domestic spying program." · "Boxer Asks Presidential Scholars About Former White House Counsel's Statement that Bush Admitted to an 'Impeachable Offense'," ( Senator Barbara Boxer's official Senate website, December 19, 2005. · 

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Bruce Fein, ". . . unlimited?" ( Washington Times, December 20, 2005. · Faiz Shakir, "Conservative Scholars Argue Bush’s Wiretapping Is An Impeachable Offense," (’s-wiretapping-is-an-impeachable-offense/) Think Progress, December 20, 2005. · "The Emerging Story Behind the Wiretap Scandal," ( The Daily Background, December 20, 2005. FISA timeline. ·

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Holocaust denial is 'scientific debate', Iran says
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The arsonist,
By Mark Leon Goldberg, The American Prospect, December 14, 2005

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Pushing the limits of wartime powers
By Barton Gellman and Dafna Linzer, Washington Post, December 18, 2005

The forgotten anthrax attacks of 2001,
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Legal test was seen as hurdle to spying,
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Inside NSA's world,
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Bush's Snoopgate,
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Bush goes back to black and white,
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From the Oval Office, a call to see the light at the end of the tunnel
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Pentagon's intelligence authority widens
By Walter Pincus, Washington Post, December 19, 2005

U.S. ran Afghan torture prison
AP (via, December 19, 2005

Lawmakers urge review of U.S. spy program
By Bob Drogin, Los Angeles Times, December 19, 2005

Congress pushes back, hard, against Bush
By Gail Russell Chaddock, Christian Science Monitor, December 19, 2005

Senators call for probe of Bush's domestic-surveillance program,
By Ron Hutcheson and James Kuhnhenn, Knight Ridder, December 20, 2005

Saddam's scientists freed as U.S. house of cards starts to tumble,
By Stephen Farrell, The Times, December 20, 2005

FBI watched activist groups, new files show,
By Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, December 20, 2005

Spying program snared U.S. calls,
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Spy court judge quits in protest,
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Officials fault case Bush cited,
By Josh Meyer, Los Angeles Times, December 21, 2005

Various private armies still exist, threatening Iraq's national security,
By Phil Sands, San Francisco Chronicle, December 21, 2005

Iraqi court upset over U.S. release of prisoners,
Los Angeles Times, December 22, 2005

File the Bin Laden phone leak under 'urban myths',
By Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, December 22, 2005

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Spy agency mined vast data trove, officials report
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Spy agency mined vast data trove, officials report
By Eric Lichtblau and James Risen, New York Times, December 24, 2005

9/11 American indoctrination: Palestinian people linked to Osama Bin laden, by 911TruthNOW,
Indoctrination of terror by Israeli controlled media.

On 9/11, Alexander Haig says "Palestinian Osama Bin laden groups," 2:01,

Incontrovertible - New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke, Duration: 2:01:30

8:07, 9/11 Israel Connection - Jeff Rense - Rebekah Roth,

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Democracy Now!  Sept.-Dec. 2001,,

Gamla The Pillory of Shame,
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