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A. B. Yehoshua

Israeli ambulance workers said the civilian killed in
the rocket attack was a middle aged man [AFP]

Israeli ambulance workers said the unnamed civilian killed in the May 10th, 2008, rocket attack was a middle-aged man. Three other people were wounded. The white and pink geraniums went unscathed, bless the Lord.

Next time Israel, name the victims please, and provide for a little collateral damage. You are not even trying any longer. Go straight to the millennial firecrackers.

A few days ago I read an interview with the Israeli novelist A.B. Yehoshua conducted by Todd Hasak-Lowy, a professor of modern Hebrew literature at the University of Florida, and first published at in June 2006, where Yehoshua said this:
"Saddam Hussein's 40 Scuds in the Gulf War and all the Kassem rockets that have been fired at Israel since the withdrawal from Gaza haven't killed a single Israeli civilian."
I had suspected that this, or something close to it, was the truth, but I lacked the ability to verify the fact, or the moral or intellectual authority to express it to any purpose.

To hear George Bush and Condoleezza Rice yesterday about Hamas rockets being responsible for the Israeli attacks into Gaza that killed over 200 Palestinians, feels like a gut blow to my consciousness. But with such coincidences---or, God-incidences, as I prefer to call them---as my recent stumbling upon Yehoshua's clarification, offers me the respite that God is indeed, on the case.

On edit: Dec. 30, That was quick. When they cover their faces up that way they look like they are lying. Soon to be out of the country for a few years, maybe upstate New York in a closed religious community, then maybe back, no one remembers, no one cares.
The father and husband of 39-year-old Israeli Irit Shitrit mourn over her body during the funeral procession in the southern coastal Israeli city of Ashdod on December 30, 2008. Shitrit was killed last night during a Palestinian rocket attack on Ashdod. Magen David Adom, the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross, said the Ashdod blast was caused by a Grad-type rocket with a range of 25 miles. (AFP/Getty)

Not humility. SHAME-based keening. Hide those lying faces!

VIDEO - Kassam shrapnel kills Netivot man

Abe Selig, Jerusalem Post 12/27/2008
In response to Saturday’s IAF air strikes on Hamas in Gaza, Palestinians fired over 80 rockets and mortar shells at areas throughout the western Negev. In Netivot, 58-year-old Beber Vaknin was killed and five people were wounded - one seriously - when their house was hit by a rocket. All the wounded were evacuated to Beersheba’s Soroka Hospital. "After the first rocket landed, people wanted to see what had happened," one of Vaknin’s neighbors told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday night. "He went outside to look around when the rocket hit, and he was killed by the shrapnel. The medics said the shrapnel pierced his heart. " Vaknin was unmarried and held a clerical position in the southern town.

We are told by Time Inc. that the following shot of a 3rd-story "hole in the wall" is from Netivot. Apparently this is the attack that Israel claims took Vaknin's life while he was standing in his doorway across the street. A more logical argument would have Vaknin succumbing to a heart attack, or even a fatal injection into his heart muscle in order to cause death. As a low-key, life-long bachelor with no family nearby, he made for an ideal sacrifice. I'll call it the "hole in the story."

It is impossible to believe that for over three years, from July 2005, according to official Israeli sources, there were no fatalities in Israel due to rocket fire from Gaza, but then suddenly, after Israel launches a massive offensive to eliminate Hamas' ability to fire the rockets, there are clustered four deaths by rockets suddenly traveling twice their previous range! Transparent public relations pablum for the dumbed down goys, and symptomatic of the level to which lies are used to mask the truth.

Rockets fired from Gaza kill 2 Israelis within hour
By Amos Harel and Yanir Yagana, Haaretz Correspondents, Haaretz Service, and Reuters
Two Israelis were killed Monday evening as Gaza militants pelted southern Israel with rockets and mortar shells, as Israel concluded its third day of aerial assaults on the Gaza Strip.

One Israel Defense Forces soldier was killed in a mortar strike in a western Negev base, and another was seriously wounded. Four others were lightly hurt in the attack.

The other fatality occurred when a woman got out of her vehicle when she heard the early warning siren in the city of Ashdod, and sought shelter in a bus stop on the side of the road. She sustained critical shrapnel wounds, and later died. Another passerby who also ducked into the bus stop for shelter suffered serious injuries in the attack.

Three people were lightly hurt in Ashdod, which is situated some 35 kilometers from the Gaza border.
Name of Ashdod Rocket Victim Released
Reported: 00:31 AM - Dec/30/08

So, what do you think the chances are that the old year would not be seen out without finally, a fatality in much besieged Ashdod? And what a becoming, sympathetic victim she was too---just on schedule, a young mother of four to fan the divisive flames of hatred, which with the Jewish law of proportionality translates as one of mine, 400 of yours.

I've come to the conclusion that Jews don't need the rest of us in their play, they literally suck all the oxygen out of the atmosphere as they star as both protagonist and antagonist. Just take a look at this official-ish notice:
( The woman killed in the Grad rocket attack on Ashdod Monday night was 39-year-old Irit Shitrit, a resident of the city.

According to Ynet, Irit and her sister had just finished a fitness workout and were driving home when the Color Red missile alert sounded. Following the instructions given out by security personnel, Irit got out of the car to seek cover when the rocket delivered its fatal blow. Her sister was also seriously wounded.

Their mother said that one of her daughters managed to notify her husband that they had been hit. Irit's husband was already in mourning. His mother died a month ago.
Sounds an awful lot like a private exchange and notification. The death supposedly occurred at a bus stop downtown---about as public a location as could be found. And the serious wounds are what again? And to whom?
From The Yeshiva World:
"Irit Sheetrit HY”D, 39, did the correct thing. She heard the siren, stopped her vehicle and headed to the bus stop for shelter. She was traveling together with her sister. The two spent the day together.

The sirens were heard in Ashdod at shortly after 9:00pm. Irit stopped and together with her sister, ran for cover, realizing they must find shelter. The 122mm Katyusha rocket slammed into the bus stop and she was gravely injured and died en route to Kaplan Hospital in Rechovot. Her sister remains in serious condition."

Here is Irit's sister Aylet at her funeral, belying the seriousness of her condition.

Its really awful to come to the conclusion that every word out of these mouths is a lie. Too bad these Zionist Jews are taking the low karmic road. Because now the game is over. They were always better behind the camera than with the lens trained directly on them. Look through the image archives to see the abundant bad acting.

Now that we have graduated to 'Grad' missiles (I guess that pesky old blockade couldn't keep out those big 122-cm Syrian, or are they Chinese missiles now?) Now the threat is really, really real and I'm really in shock.
"There, next to a bus station, Ashdod resident Irit Shitrit, was killed yesterday by a Grad missile as she ran to find shelter. Netanyahu stood on a hill not far from the deserted bus station. Nothing in the quiet green garden hinted at the horror that had taken place there just a few hours earlier."
Get a better writer for Benjie! You don't have to tell them nothing was out of order in the physical environment! How the hell will they know?

Beber Vaknin
?December 27th, a 58 year old man was killed rocket from Gaza hit his apartment in Netivot.
57-year-old woman who died in Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon,
December 29th, a 27 year old man was killed grad type rocket hit construction site in Ashkelon.
Irit Shitrit of Ashdot
a 38 year old warrant officer was killed by a mortar when it hit a military base near Nahal Oz
One Israel Defense Forces soldier was killed in a mortar strike in a western Negev base

Since December 27, four Israelis have been killed by rocket and mortar fire from Gaza:

Dec 27, 2008 - Beber Vaknin, 58, of Netivot was killed when a rocket fired from Gaza hit an apartment building in Netivot.

Dec 29, 2008 - Hani al-Mahdi, 27, of Aroar, a Beduin settlement in the Negev was killed when a Grad-type missile fired from Gaza exploded at a construction site in Ashkelon. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

Dec 29, 2008 - Irit Sheetrit, 39, of Ashdod was killed and several wounded when a Grad rocket exploded in the center of Ashdod. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

Dec 29, 2008 - Warrant Officer Lutfi Nasraladin, 38, of the Druze town of Daliat el-Carmel was killed by a mortar attack on a military base near Nahal Oz.

1-4-09 Dvir Emanueliof , 22, was killed by mortar shell fragments in an attack against his unit as they were operating in the Jabalya area of Gaza on Sunday.
Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — A rocket fired by Palestinian militants fell short of its target in Israel on Friday, striking a house in northern Gaza and killing two schoolgirls.

Roni Yechiah, 47. The father of four was killed Wednesday in a Qassam attack on Sderot. Feb. 28, 2008 "Yechiah was the first Israeli killed by a rocket since May, when two died in separate attacks." (Alberto Denkberg)

May 9, 2008 - Jimmy Kedoshim, 48, of Kibbutz Kfar Aza,
was killed by mortar fire from the Gaza Strip while tending his garden.

On Friday afternoon, a mortar bomb struck the front yard of Jimmy Kedoshim's house. Jimmy, who was working in the garden, was killed instantly. His wife, Anna, who had gone inside the house a little while before, was spared.

Kedoshim had been a member of Kibbutz Kfar Aza for over 30 years, to which he first came in 1974 as a member of a youth movement. After completing his army service in the paratroopers, he returned to the kibbutz, married and fathered three children. He was an Israeli national engine-powered paragliding champion, and channeled his love for parachuting into a company that specialized in aerial photography and advertising.

His oldest son, Eyal, said about his father, "Abba (father) died happy. The only thing in life that interested him was the good of the family, and everything he did for the sake of the family was done with a lot of love, openness and cooperation with Ima (mother) and with us, his children."

Jimmy Kedoshim was buried in the Kfar Aza cemetery. He is survived by his wife Anna and their three children: Eyal, Shaked and Stav
BBC Nov. 15, 2006
The 57-year-old woman who died in the rocket strike was taken to Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon, where she succumbed to her wounds, medical officials said.
"They rarely cause death or serious injury, but do cause fear and panic. In all, nine people, all civilians, are thought to have been killed in Israel by Qassam rockets since the first fatalities in June 2004. The last time someone was confirmed to have been killed inside Israel by Palestinian rocket fire was in July 2005."
How odd, A. B. Yehoshua speaking in June 2006 said that no Israelis had died of rocket attack.

May 12, 2008 - Shuli Katz, 69, of Kibbutz Gevaram,
was killed when a Kassam rocket fell a few meters from where she was standing in Moshav Yesha, 15 km (9 miles) east of the Gaza Strip.

Shuli Katz, a nurse by profession, had come with her son to see her sister-in-law, Leora Yunger, who was visiting from abroad. Katz was hit before she had a chance to enter the house.

It happened in an instant. One minute, Leora was in the kitchen, preparing for the long-awaited meeting with her good friend and sister-in-law. Suddenly, the warning siren wailed, there was a loud boom, and her friend lay dying on the ground. Shuli's son, Yariv, who had gone in to check that they were at the right house while his mother got out of the car, stood on the side, stunned and crying.
"[Before May 10th, 2008] The last time an Israeli civilian was killed by cross-border rocket fire was on February 27."

Palestinian rocket kills Israeli (01:28) Report Feb 27 -
A barrage of Palestinian rockets fired from the Gaza Strip has killed one person in Israel and follows the deaths of seven Palestinian militants in the Hamas-controlled territory.

Hamas launched a barrage of rockets at the Jewish state hours after an Israeli air strike killed five members of the Islamist movement's armed wing as they drove through southern Gaza.

Two more militants were killed in a separate air strike in northern Gaza while an eighth Palestinian was shot dead in the West Bank town of Nablus by an undercover Israeli unit.

The mounting violence is overshadowing efforts to kick start peace talks between Israel and President Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority.
Helen Long reports.

So it seems clear: the deaths didn't start until 2008, when Israelis got extraordinarily unlucky. Or was this the buildup to eventual action? Don't insurance agents do actuary tables of the likelihood of this sort of thing?


Therapeutic Messenger said...

Aylet Shaked- This is a pronouncement! May your womb be barren except in giving birth to one who will show you as the monster your mouth proclaims. You seal your own destiny. Mark these words for they came from truth. How do I know that? Because I have been the inheritor of them.

Therapeutic Messenger said...

Aylet Shaked- This is a pronouncement! May your womb be barren except in giving birth to one who will show you as the monster your mouth proclaims. You seal your own destiny. Mark these words for they came from truth. How do I know that? Because I have been the inheritor of them.