Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Amateur Drag

This should really help with my credibility issue.

But it proves the principle that the simpler the solution, often the better.

What better than going with some pearls and a pair of sensible pumps, as the late, great Judy Garland? The evening of the day of her funeral, June 27, 1969, was insufferably hot in New York City, according to reports. All the dive bars and dance halls down in the Village had their doors swung open wide to catch a cool breeze, blaring her music from the jukeboxes. Perhaps the loss, and the special quality to her angst, led to the Stonewall riots later that evening.

"He it was that drove the nursing women who were in charge of frenzied Bacchus through the land of Nysa, and they flung their thyrsi on the ground as murderous Lycurgus beat them with his oxgoad."
The Iliad by Homer

Kissing the lizard goodnight.

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