Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bill Wilson, the Co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous

was a genius, but he didn't let that go to his head. In fact, he ascribed assistance in some of his writing to "spirit guides"---higher powers, if you will. I think the proof can be found in the many transcendent passages throughout his important works, which in their power to alleviate sorrow and pain, can be seen in modern terms as "channeled" information of a very high order.

AA, and its many derivatives, have nothing to do with self-help. It is at heart, the purest form of altruism and benevolence known to man, and as such, should be seriously considered as a basis for the new world order we keep hearing so much about. But there are some necessary corollaries, however. Since it is essential to the work (and its divine payback, the "magnificent reality," it leaves as a consequence,) that one must take no public credit for any accomplishments under its guise, as it regards normal ego gratification, it turns some of the basic underpinnings of our current society on their heads.

In his lifetime, Wilson turned down such honors as a doctorate from Yale. He declined, for instance, to let Time magazine name him man of the year, even if using only his first name and last initial, with only a photograph of the back of his head on the cover. (That would have been a brilliant stunt, and I would have bent the rules to see it happen if I were in charge, but, alas.)

Since Wilson was, and remained, a deeply flawed human being, I can just imagine how much these deferrals cost him in psychic pain. He would be delighted to learn after all, that in 1999, Time magazine went ahead and named him in the top 20 of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. (With Albert Einstein making it to number one.) Aldous Huxley called Wilson "the greatest social architect of our century."

It is in that way, organizationally speaking, where AA can teach all of us a thing or two. For instance, it eschews the accumulation of more money or power than necessary to do its work, and this should be a clear foundation stone for our nation's health. It also says that "great love and great suffering are our only disciplinarians."

As a bit of evidence of his foresight, I will quote an obscure paragraph from his work, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, which Wilson wrote in 1952. I say "obscure," because even among devotees, little attention is paid to the end of the book---the "12 traditions," which describe the accumulated wisdom of the group's first 14-years of evolution. The passage is from Tradition Ten, found on page 176 of my sixty-fifth printing. The added emphasis is all mine:
"As by some deep instinct, we A.A.'s have known from the very beginning that we must never, no matter what the provocation, publicly take sides in any fight, even a worthy one. All history affords us the spectacle of striving nations and groups finally torn asunder because they were designed for, or tempted into, controversy. Others fall apart because of sheer self-righteousness while trying to enforce upon the rest of mankind some millennium of their own specification. In our own times, we have seen millions die in political and economic wars often spurred by religious and racial difference. We live in the imminent possibility of a fresh holocaust to determine how men shall be governed, and how the products of nature and toil shall be divided among them. That is the spiritual climate in which A.A. was born, and by God's grace has nevertheless flourished."
Israel was designed for the present controversy, by English aristocrats who got to write the history books after World War II. America is in great danger by allaying herself to an experimental theocratic anomaly of just 60-years standing. Israel has no other objective reality, no basis in collective thought or aspiration or word.

(Jews would be hard pressed to prove a chain of title to dominion over any part of the Middle East---although they lived safely there in great numbers, empowered amongst the Arabs, for centuries, before they asserted their inner Talmudic warrior chest-thumping passions. I think their beef should be with Rome actually. Sue for damages from AD70, if you must. And Jews might realize, much of the world does not find their literature at all holy---let alone universally binding. And while I'm at it, thanks a lot for reviving a dead language too, that's been real useful.)

Israel's supposed Genesis, the German holocaust against the Jews in the 1930's and 40's, has been misremembered, misapplied, and misused, in many cases fabricated in both detail and outline out of whole cloth, in order to work toward false, nefarious, arbitrary and selfish ends, by Jewish leaders who have kept their populace under such constant traumatization they now suffer from extreme group paranoia. That collective illness now threatens the very core survival of the planet.

I am disgusted with the abysmal acting seen in these Israeli poses. Look at this Reuters image by Eric Gaillard:
The caption tells us, "Israelis take cover before a rocket fired lands in Beersheba, at the funeral of Israeli soldier Alex Mashavisky, January 7, 09."

That coat over your head is a no-go, dear. So is shielding your face with your hand honey; or turning to kneel against the wall---that's not for everywhere. This is all so stupid it is beneath contempt---more so because Beersheba is 40 Kilometers away from Gaza, over twice the distance any Hamas rocket had ever traveled prior to December 27, 2008, when the miraculous appearance of the new and improved !Wonder-Hamas! rocket, smuggled in a year earlier during the breach, we are told, but left unused, then missed in all the jet strikes---so they could get an Israeli kill, with three more on the 29th! Oy!

Don't you think that whatever can be smuggled into Gaza beyond Marlboro's and cooking oil and a goat or two, happens with the approval, if not at the actual behest of, Mossad? It's clear to me that since Egyptian intelligence chief Suleiman does all the regular negotiating between the parties, he is in a functioning role.

See US-funded program fails to stop smuggling through tunnels at Egypt-Gaza border by Anna Johnson and Omar Sinan of the Associated Press, January 7, 2009 here
"Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit stressed that the tunnels were not a new problem, but he denied that weapons were being smuggled.

"The tunnels have always been there. We have been trying to control them. But the tunnels are there because the crossings are closed and there is a siege and there is starvation," he told Al-Arabiya television earlier this week. "Those who say they are being used to smuggle weapons and equipment are deluded. Weapons are coming through the sea."
See how he cooperates with reality being imposed by Israel, in attempting to justify an answer for what he takes at face value and may assume to be true: that Hamas is in receipt of weapons Israel truly wishes they didn't have---by naming the sea as a route. But others in the international arms community know the truths held in balance between all the arms-manufacturing, and arms-procuring states---as the quartet negotiates what other nations can, and can not do. If China has been manufacturing munitions in the same hand-held, 120-mm caliber as Hamas legacy rockets, but having twice the range, increased lethality, and improvements to so-called "aiming," (ha, ha, ha, ha,) it could only be at the special behest of the master Israel, in service of its own agenda. That is Israel's total battlefield dominance, or total false-flag reality in you will, a concept which has now been busted wide open, so hopefully, it may never work again.

Israel manufactured the four civilian deaths that gave cause to her latest episode of Palestinian slaughter, killing over 1,300 Palestinians, including as many as 400 still innocent, if Jew-hating, children. You do understand what I mean by "manufactured" don't you? It means Israel does the killing itself. Nicely orchestrated, with composed images from all the killing sites via the controlled media of Haim Horenstein and Edi Israel and their likes. Reports and files and such.

This is a very pretty photograph, with a nice diagonal line of composition, and good hair, but it means absolutely nothing! It is bereft of any truth! It's only value is to serve as false public relations.

Read the following caption:
An Israeli woman and her two children take cover during a rocket attack near Kfar Aza, just outside the northern Gaza Strip January 7, 2009. The woman came to meet her husband, an Israeli army officer currently serving on the Gaza border. Rockets exploded as they were waiting for him. Israel postponed on Wednesday a decision on whether to order its armed forces to storm the Gaza Strip's urban centres, an Israeli official said, citing Egyptian- and French-led efforts to secure a truce with Hamas. REUTERS/Baz Ratner (ISRAEL)
Can that be true! Do Jews take gentiles for fools, really? Officials would allow a mother with her two young children to meet her soldier/husband/father, directly next to the boundaries of a war zone, on January 7? As though it were an iffy neighborhood in Boston and one needed to be careful? What complete idiots they are in charge of such a psy-ops affair! Fuck them all!

Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! J√°ccuse! C'est vrai!

May I suggest, that when a rocket-attack warning signal is sounded, remove yourselves from the top stories of any multi-story buildings. Indoors or out, go quickly to the southern, or eastern, portion or side, (depending on your position relative to Gaza,) of any building, structure, artificial or natural device, or man-made construction, there to rest, in the sheltered, leeward side of what has to be the most consistently omni-directional line of attack in the entire history of armed clashes.

About a rocket's ability to sometimes pierce through reinforced concrete, when previously seen example after example, we note that the rockets most often don't adequetly even destroy their own structural bodies and tail fin assemblies---is a matter you will have to take up with your trusted leaders and authorities. Good luck.

This is what Israel has been reduced too! Faking carnage with a dying dog's blood! How dare they kill over 1,300 Palestinians on the back of this (wounded) animal's blood!
"An Israeli police officer kneels over a dog that was badly injured after a rocket landed in the southern town of Sderot, Israel on December 30, 2008. (GIL COHEN MAGEN/Reuters)"
Of course, the sort of rage I am expressing will only make a Jew gloat, since it serves the larger agenda, their must-needs, and fail-safe, operative gestures and plans. A self-fulfilling prophecy: antisemitism rearing its ugly head, on its cue. So be it.

Jews desperately need a 12-step program of recovery in order to reenter the honest community of man they think they've bested. But they were busted on 9-11, in both New York City and Arlington, and they were busted again with Bush and the neo-cons and the Christian freaks in Iraq; now they're busted in starting their own trumped up war based on a maliciously faked cause of action. Is the holocaust a total Jewish fabrication too? Is that where we are headed? The cesspool of lies stagnating within Jewish minds giving off what they spew out so, simply boggles my poor little potato-eating Irish head! Oh dear me! Will the Jews even leave any oxygen for me to breathe, I wonder? Oh poor, pitiful me!


spooked said...

good post! you're getting into some "ultimate truths" here!

stevenwarran said...

Of course spooked, I'm getting it.

The entirety of Hamas' supposed campaign of rocket-attack terror against Israel is manufactured wholesale by the Jews of Israel (get it?) to serve as their justification to take whatever action Israel decides suits their purposes at the moment. Currently, that would be ethnic cleansing and Arab genocide. There is not one iota, or single grain of truth, no reality to a single thing we hear from their side. The Palestinians are like abused children just swinging back and forth.

And I am going to prove this to be true. The way I proved to my satisfaction the same was true in the Arlington Virginia attack scenario, and with the World Trade Center grand opera production. No aspect of those narratives was legitimate, nothing was not contrived. It all hid behind the magnificence of its conception. The awesome wholeness to its parts.

But, exposed. Game over. Tilt. Ring, ring, ring. See if anything works out for them from here on in.